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Very nice Boj! So, are you back then or what?

I wish I had the time to level Drk aswell. ;) ;;

So all this time I've been away, you haven't been levelling DRK?? :D

I'm sort of back... my time will be more evenly spent between this and that other MMORPG, maybe.

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I took Ninja to level 20 subbing Thief (and without Utsusemi either  :( ) but it was a struggle and as you can imagine as a DD without even Sneak Attack even now I'm not sure exactly what I brought to the party. But with that in mind, anything is possible.

A Ninja without magic only has duel wield and bugger all in job abilities. I then got sufficient Tenshodo fame and begrudgingly levelled warrior to 15 for a tanking sub. The funny thing is though that, apart from the expense (which was incredible against Mandragora in Kazham), I really enjoyed tanking as a Ninja even though I thought I wouldn't.

Pouring a bit of water on your idea, for a Ninja subbing Ranger you would have to use throwing as your ranged attack (or guns maybe) and probably use shuriken when they become available and wear as much + ranged accuracy and agility gear as you can - shuriken and Utsusemi together sounds even more expensive than Ninja/War tanking.

Yeah after my first experience of the dunes last night I realize DD isn't really feasible at this level. So I'm leveling up my WAR so I can tank and will wait a bit before I try out as a DD. RNG is supposed to be good as a DD sub but I think I'll concentrate on BLM seen as I already have that levelled up.

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The number of experience points required to gain each level was originally calculated after considering players' effects on the world of Vana'diel as they progressed beyond the initial level cap of 50. However, a considerable amount of time has passed since the implementation of the final cap of 75, and players beyond level 50 no longer have the same influence on the balance of the game. After a close review, the FINAL FANTASY XI development team has decided to reduce the amount of experience needed for leveling up after reaching level 51 (levels 1-50 will remain the same, however).

The update will affect the following:

-Experience points lost due to KO.

Starting at level 25, experience points lost after being KO'd will be 8% of the amount needed to reach the next level. However, this value will never exceed 2,400.

-Currently accumulated experience points.

At the time of the version update, if a player's currently accumulated experience points exceed the number required for the newly adjusted level, that player's experience points will be reset to one point below the number needed to gain a level.

New content and system-related adjustments are under constant consideration by the FINAL FANTASY XI development team to ensure a balanced playing experience in the evolving world of Vana'diel.


Further details will be provided on the day of the update.

FINAL FANTASY XI Development Team (4/15/2005)



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There's bound to be a bit of resentment from the 70+ players about all the time they put in to get there in the first place, but I congratulate them on doing this as I think it can only be good for the game. I doubt it would be significant enough to cheapen the effort required to get to the higher levels and the important point is that it's designed to retain interest in the game past a certain point.

I welcome it, personally. Even if it was only 10% per level or something.

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I guess it is a bit annoying for the people who have put all that time in, but thanks to FFXI's revolutionary job system, players can reap the benefits when they decide to level a second job to 75. :( :(

Why just stick with two jobs at level 75?

Anyway, I think this is a real positive - when I was partying with my Thief above I dunno level 35 there seemed a fair number of players stopping their higher jobs and starting up new jobs (or leaving the game), partly because of the lack of others at the same level and party formation problems (like no tanks :( ). Anything that inspires more players to continue levelling has got to be good and, you never know, it might just be enough to get me to 50 and beyond.

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Gonna go for the final push to beat Elo to 75 then? :(

Nah, been 70 for three weeks now, and the cold sweats and irregular breathing symptoms due to not managing to level every day have gone. :(

I am pottering around with WHM next. :(

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Oh, thanks! Did you camp it or buy it, just out of interest?

Before I stopped playing I had this 20 brass pot 'garden centre' going, turning tree cuttings into platignum nuggets into gil. I bought the Emperor's Hairpin from my profits.

I also lost a full crop when I switched to WoW and was greeted by their withered stumps the other day when I re-registered.

My mule 'Lozzy' will send the pin over later.

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Gonna go for the final push to beat Elo to 75 then? :)

I'm looking forward to seeing how close I am to lvl 75 after the update :D

If they even drop the tnl by only 1000 per level between 50 and 75, then thats 24k off my current tnl. It's not inconceivable that I will find myself 1pt to 75 post update!

No point levelling ranger really - it could all be wasted :huh:

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Has there been any date given for the update yet, I've tried checking the site but it's down at the moment?

Hopefully the reduction in the tnl will mean more EU players will start getting into the 70's, so fingers crossed I'll be able to kill gods at a respectable time of day sometime soon.

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I should think it's something like 10% of every level, max. so I'd have 3.2k less exp to get to reach level 65. this seems fair, and it's quite a lot of exp reduced overall. loads of people on the Allakhazam main forum are thinking everyone will go from 51-75 in a week, but I honestly don't think we'll see too much difference. SE (probably) know what they're doing. if they reduce it by too much they will upset a lot of people, so I think they'll reduce it just enough to make the grind that little bit easier.

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