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So Whos's Playing Fable?


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Ok, got a bit further. Saved Orchard Farm in the nude. People now call me ranger. And it',s just so cool walking about hearing, &quot,look, that',s him!,&quot, and the like. I',m just clearing the farm of some hobbo',s but I failed it first time so gonna try again. Liking it lots so far.

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I walked across a birdge, when i got to the end a bandit demanded that i pay tax to continue further, i simply shurged and walked past him (who the fuck are you!, asking the great &quot,Sabre&quot, to pay tax!, I was good btw) i kept walking thinking hah, you cant take me, he then draws his weapon and calls for his mates.

A hoard of bandits come running towards me, punching thier sword in the air. im like ooohhhh shit!,

So i pull out my brand new sword i bought from the blacksmith in town an hour ago, my Hero drops the sword as its too heavy, so im surround by bandits, trying to swing my sword, i make a feable attempt to take a few down, the weight of the sword knocked a some bandits down which opened up a gap for me to run through. I sheath (sp?) my sword and equiped my bow, ran right through the gap, found a great spot for some arrow action and went loco on their ass. Lagolos more like, taking them all out (a precise head shot would result with their head being ripped from their body)

After i took them all out i was rewarded with chests filled with tresure, weapons and gold (chests and barrels were scttered around the camp) . im now off to buy a house and rent it out, i need a steady stream of cash to pay for my gambling. Im addicted to the card matching game!,

6 hours in, completed about 2 quests. Im just walking around Albion trying to do side quests and help out citizens. No rush to complete the game, im loving it!,

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Wow!, Got down to some serious play this afternoon, done the Dark Woods, gone bald, a woman fancies me with a big heart :) , and the environment is lush. Also got thrown out of one town, and they took all my money :lol: But doing some quests with boasts has earned me loads of money :D

Lovely game.

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thebigboss came up with an amazing idea earlier of getting the shopkeeper to follow you a fair distance away then dash back to the shop to nick stuff. It worked very very well.

I decided to go one further. I led him to a place with a bunch of bad guys. They killed him. I cackled an evil cackle and headed back to the store.

It was closed :)

But, I could buy it for £34,000 :(

I want my bright chainmail god dammit.

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Good god i fucking love this GAME!,!, Hired a goon just to keep me company while travelling through the woods, he kept making me laugh with the shit he came out with, he',s so gungho. He was like &quot,I see that!, Lets massacre them!,!,!, ............. oh, its just a shadow...&quot,

Walking into town people clapping and cheering, one guy shouted &quot,Do you do kids parties?&quot, :(

10 hours in, done about 4 core quest, bought a house in Brownstone , married the girl next door, she gave me an obsidian cleaver (much better than my orginal weapon, its also worth alot) fucked her twice to say thankyou.

But already im planning how im going to go through the game as a evil bastard, you dont know how many times i had to resist unleashing my fury on villligers and passers by, Im going to steal so many books, i like reading about the insignificant things in Albion such as myths and tales. Also, when i lose my money at Black Jack, i see the dealer just sitting there dealing his cards, im a sore loser so i want to fuck him up... but man, i had to walk away.

Oh!, Found out the fight club too, loved that part.

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