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Peter Molyneux

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iirc Moly didn't have all that much to do with things like Syndicate and Magic Carpet, it was people like Sean Cooper, Alex Trowers and Glenn Corpes who were the leading lights for those, and a few others.

Remember Dungeon Keeper took around 6 years and various iterations before release...PC Zone had a covermount booklet on the game 2 years before it was eventually released and described from start to finish an almost completely different game (beyond the themeatics).

PM is a useful commodity if you're on his team, but for the rest of us it's irrirating to see such publicity over so much hype (time and time again). It would be OK if they bloody delivered on it!

It's as much games "journos" faults tbh.

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I think that, as said, Peter Molyneuz, no doubt, has created some great titles. But it seems his newer titles lack the polish that classic titles such as Theme Park and Populous had. I also really loved Syndicate, but, I never really got on with Black & White, something was lacking which I couldn't put my finger on.

Hopefully Fable will be a return to form, I'm definitely interested in it, that is for sure.

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a game that just sort of sat there and played itself (B+W is the same) and whose user interaction was almost incidental.

Have you actually played that game? One of the most widely voiced criticisms of it was that it had to be micromanaged incessantly to get anywhere.

Theme Park was shit though.

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Folks in another forum are playing a game where they email d-list celebs and ask them obscure questions.


So I thought I'd get in on the action:

To: peter@bwgame.com

Subject: Your Games

Hi Peter

I know you must be a very busy man creating new worlds, but I thought if I don't send you this email now, then I'm never going to do it!

I want to start off by saying what a big effect you've had on my life ever since I first played Civilization. You are truly a remarkable man and I cannot thank you enough for bringing it to the world.

Now onto the burning issue:

Do you think our television schedules are being saturated with reality tv shows, and that this is diluting what used to be a country of good documentaries and dramas?

I'm really going round the bend with this, so I hope to hear from you soon.

Your's sincerely

James McShane

Take that Molyneux! That's justice, internet-style!

PS: Hi everyone I'm new. And childish!

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