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Burnout 3


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You might have to wait for the lobbies to update, much like a pc game they update slowly over time rather than every room showing at once.

Also best to check your friends list, we was on from around 8:30 and i left at 10.

Would be nice to have a game against you kerraig, especially as you was crap at top spin at the jesus meet. :)

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Hello there people.

That was me online last night for a couple of games.

Everyone seems to have way faster cars than me, hence I was last by quite a bit (that',s my excuse anyway, it',s not because I',m also shite). :(

I may seem rude but it',s because I can',t hear properly.

I shall return when I have more cars as I accidentally erased my previous save game. :):D


pfspleen ,)

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By the time I got online last night not one forum member was online.

I had my worst experience of Live then and nothing to do with EA Servers.

Being kicked straight out of lobbys without even a &quot,do you mind leaving we',re waiting for a friend&quot,. Well if thats the case password your game, arseholes.

Being ignored all race, BTW they were also offering the exact same treatment to a Yank, not nice at all IMO.

So guys advance warning if your online please or i',m gonna be convinced live is

full of C**suckers and W**kers.

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you fuckers. i',ll add you next time i',m on. I SO thought you was on my list syntax. Elmo used to be but i removed him cos he loves cock too much

I think I was on your list when I was Carrera, but I have since relinquished that gamertag to my flatmate and set up my own, its in my sig. Hopefully get some games with you this weekend then!,

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