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The Neighbours Thread

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yeah regarding H&A its getting a bit silly recently. What with Jade being mixed up at birth, and the other twin stuff.

But that whole episode was stupid last night. Firstly as others have pointed out, having a car like that outside a party would not be there after the night ends. It was like it was begging to be stolen.

That drag race was kinda dumb too, they seemed to race for miles and miles.. and then seb being on the bonnet of the car when the car drives off the cliff. Umm he ends up paraylised, but to be honest he would not have survived that.

And how the hell did duncan get out of the car before it went over!!!

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Zoo best not fuck up neighbours by making it "cool" its for internet geeks only damnit.

But it does rule though, drugged car crashes, girl sex, an old man shagging his sister (of sorts) general aceness now get rid of Stingray and that'd be perfect.

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