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Booting 04/05 Sept '04


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Just got back from my local - ended up having to take a taxi because I ended up with too much to carry :)

First thing I found (and the reason for the taxi) was a big box full of Amiga games. I asked the guy how much and he and his family were pretty desparate not to have to lug the box back home. So he said "make me a silly offer", so I said "OK £5" - "Deal!"

I left it there while I had a look around so more on that in a moment.

Wasn't much else of extreme interest - however I did pick up:

Devil Dice PS1 (complete) - £3

Lemmings / Oh No More Lemmings PS1 (complete) - £3

Lemmings Megadrive (complete) - £2

Unboxed Master System II with Tom & Jerry - £5

also picked up a nice 8-port 10/100 network hub for £5 but that isn't really retro gear :ph34r:

So yeah - I got this big box of Amiga junk home. Turns out the box was so heavy because there were 20-odd magazines in the bottom (doh - would've junked them if I'd spotted them).

Most surprising thing of all however was to find a lone "Sonic & Knuckles" MD cart (with top flap intact) just lying in the bottom - score! Been after that game for a while now :ph34r:


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Only went to one today as I'm saving money.


Boxed PS2 (Actually works ok) - £25

Atari 2600 6 switch woodgrain + sms 2 both with games - £8

Gameboy Printer with 2 unopened paper rolls - £2

Sega Lockon Double Pack - £3

SNES pad and scope pickup - £2

That's the lot I think!

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just been to 2, may pop to another one in a minute

so far

NES, 2 controllers and leads £6

Duck Hunt / Mario 3 / Kung Fu (NES) £1 each



Spice World :)

Ridge Racer Revolution

FA Manager

£1 each


Theme Hospital £2


NFL Quarterback Club


Bit of sillyness out there today, i.e Old PSX with 20 games (1/2 copies) £70, megadrive with a few games £40, N64 unboxed with 2 games £35

Tosser of the day goes to some bloke who admittedly had some game in very good condition but he had the "yeah, i know what they go for on ebay so i aint taking any offers"

well, why not put them on ebay then!!!!

i'll report back if i get anything else

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Even though I was hugely hung over from a mate's 21st last night, I dragged myself off to a big un this morning.

Nice little haul in the end. I got:

Lovely condition Game Gear (even has the plastic cover over the expansion socket!), no sound by the looks of it, connection to the RF adaptor seems a bit temperamental

Carry Case

About 10 clam-shell cased games, including Sonic 2, Jungle Book, Fantasy Zone, Donald Duck, Road Runner and a bizarre looking codemasters game with a huuuge cartridge

All for £5

PS1 Driver - £2

PS1 Crash Bandicoot - £2 (got it home and the game wasnt in the case :) )

Little Big Adventure 2 - £3

Couple of Pokemon soft toys (a Mew and one of the ghost ones) - 50p each

Cuddly Elmo toy - 50p

and finally a Spectrum with a massive box of games, including Jet Set Willy and Manic Miner for £20. Well pleased with that, as my gaming days started in the NES era, so its going to be the first time I've ever used one :ph34r: . I had to lug the box back to my car as it was too big to carry around, but promptly forgot where I had parked, so ended up trapsing around the car park for a good 15 minutes

Oddest overheard conversation: "...yeah, they go in the back door, really ram the pipe up there...." :ph34r:

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well, just been to a lunchtime one

Final fantasy 7 £3 (platinum)

Snes Mario Kart (unboxed) 20p

Saw the following which i couldnt be arsed getting / running out of space

Amiga 1200 boxed

Commodore 64, Boxed £8. Should have got it really

PSX, 2 controllers, Final Fantasy 7 & 8, Speedball 2100 and Space hulk. All for £15 but they wouldnt sell the games separately.

about 7 old Atari 2600 games, £1 each, unboxed but i'm kicking myself now. grrr

I also saw a girl i snogged once, do i win? <_<

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Lovely weather, a bit TOO hot tbh, anyway...

Only went to one, Massive it was. Two fields 3 carparks.

I got


a Dreamcast

2 Pads

2 VMUs




Speedball 2 £2.50


Starscream £2.50

(missing tail wings)


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It was a struggle today as I went on the beers last night, went to bed at 12:30 and then got up at 6:30 to go to the boot sale. Spent quite a lot.

Boxed SNES with Mario Kart and Mario Allstars - £15

Boxed NES with 10 games - £15

Unboxed Mega Drive 2 with three games - £5

Unboxed Master System with 6 games and a boxed light gun - £5

Unboxed SNES games: Street Fighter, Uni-rally, Mario World and Mickey Mania -50p each

Devil Dice and Vib Ribbon (PS) - 2 for £5

Mega Drive games: Faery Tale, Terminator, Kid Chameleon - £1 each

International track and Field (PS2) - £5

Future Cop LA PD, Driver 2 and Broken Helix - £2 each

Mint unboxed Optimus Prime - £5

There was quite a lot around today. Lots of unboxed SNES' ranging from £15 to £30. Still an odd shortage of boxed Mega Drive 1s, which is what I am after right now. I used to see umpteen every week.

Loads and loads of Playstations. Again some £10 and some £50.

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Went further afield to meet up with Rat Boy, then got lost and ran out of time to visit more than one boot fair today.

Got there to see the aforementioned Rattie struggling with a huge bag of vinatge games mags, and a few MD games.

I got:

Sega Rally, Urban Chaos and Red Dog on DC £3

G Police and Colony Wars (PS1) £5

Two N64 joypads, one with HMV Rumble/Memory pack £5

And a Sonic the Hedghog Tomy marble game thing, that my girlfriend spotted for £1.50.

Too many PSOne games going for £5 with no haggling... <_<

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Hi Everyone

I just did 2 boot sales today, left the second one early as it was too hot to continue <_<:) :)

I got the following:


Console (boxed/complete)

Official black pad (loose)

Super Mario (loose + book)

Re-Volt (loose + book)

Pokemon Snap (loose + book)

Jet Force Gemini (loose + book)

F1 World Grand Prix (loose + book)

Mario Kart (loose + book)

Pokemon Stadium & Transfer Pak (loose + books)

Star Wars : Episode 1 (loose + book)

- £12 the lot


Konami Arcade Collection (boxed/complete) - £1


Official pad (loose) - 50p


New Zealand Story (boxed/no book)

Indiana Jones And The Last Crusade (complete)

Ghouls N Ghosts (boxed/no book)

Bart Vs The Space Mutants (complete)

Arcade Smash Hits (complete)

- £4 the lot


Console (loose) + official expansion pak + 4 official pads/cables

- £4 the lot


Wonderboy In Monsterland (boxed/no book) - £1

Flashback (complete) - £1.50

Streets Of Rage 2 (complete) - £2

Dark Castle (loose) - 50p

HellFire (complete) - £1

Twin Hawk (complete) - £1

Ghouls N Ghosts (boxed/no book) - £1.50

The Simpsons : Bart Vs The Space Mutants (boxed/no book) - £1

Sonic Spinball (complete) - £1

Speedball 2 (complete) - £2

Wiz n Liz (complete) - £1.50

Streets Of Rage 2 (loose) - £1


Console (loose/tatty/yellowed) + 2 official pads / cables

Mario 1/Duckhunt (loose) + zapper (loose)

Mario 2 (complete)

Mario 3 (loose)

- £8 the lot


Lemmings & Oh No! More Lemmings £1.50


Console (loose) + official pad/cables

Goldeneye (loose)

Cruis’n USA (loose)


Console (loose) + power/scart cable (2 pads, both broken)

- £4 for both consoles above


Starwing Boxset (complete)

Super Mario World (loose)

- £6 the lot


Mary-Kate and Ashley Magical Mystery Mall (complete) - £1

Capcom Vs SNK Millennium Fight 2000 Pro (complete) - £1

Prism Land (complete) - £1

Riding Star (no back inlay cover) - £1.50

Spyro Year Of The Dragon (complete) - £1

R-Types (complete) - £3

Bust-A-Move 4 (complete) - £2

Medal Of Honor (complete) - £1

Medal Of Honor Underground (complete) - £1


Console (boxed/complete)

Super Mario 64

- £12 the lot


Gameboy color (loose) + carrycase

Tetris (loose)

Pokemon Red (loose + book)

Pokemon Blue (loose + book)

Zelda DX (loose)

- £10 the lot


Console (boxed/complete)

Sonic Adventure

- £8 the lot


Console (loose)

TV Tuner (loose)

Game Pack 4 in 1 (loose)

Sonic (loose)

Fantastic Dizzy (loose)

- £15 the lot ; the seller was not amused when I originally offered £5


Virtual Chess (complete) - £1


Beneath A Steel Sky (complete)

Heimdall 2 (complete)

- £1 each


Transparent Purple (lovely colour) Console (loose) + official pad/cables

Official red pad (loose)

Mario Kart (loose)

Worms (loose)

Zelda (loose)

Lylat Wars (loose)

Super Mario (loose)

Goldeneye (loose)

WipeOut (loose)

Banjo Kazooie (loose)

- £15 the lot


Console (loose) + 2 official pads/cables

Nigel Mansell (loose)

Mario Kart (loose)

Donkey Kong Country (loose/label ripped)

All American Championship Football (loose)

Toy Story (loose)

Super Gameboy + Muhammad Ali (loose)

Street Fighter (loose)

Donkey Kong Country 3 (loose)

Unirally (loose)

- £12 the lot


Console (boxed/complete) nice condition

Street Fighter 2 Championship Edition (loose)

- £9.50


Risk (complete) - £2

Cluedo (complete) - £2

Star Trek – A Final Unity (complete) - £1

Great Naval Battles (complete) - £1

Rebel Assault (complete) - £1

Blade Runner (complete) - £1

Gods (complete) - 50p

Quake 2 (complete) - 50p

Monopoly (complete) - £3


Hunchback (complete)

Track Meet (complete)

Super Mario Land (loose)

Tetris 2 (loose)

- £2 each


Donkey Kong Board Game 40p

Astro Wars (loose) £2

Regards CBSK

PS Anyone have any comments on this:

Some of the locals were telling me about the pikeys this morning. Their new "scam" is to ask each seller as they drive in whether they have any games, now they don't even wait for them to park/unpack.

If a seller says they have something then they ask for it to be "reserved" and they go back and buy it later.

One of my friends was telling me this morning about this, sadly - from first hand experience. When he saw a boxed snes last week and was told it had been "reserved" and of course a few minutes later pikey dad was there doing the deal.

Is this the future?

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One of my friends was telling me this morning about this, sadly - from first hand experience. When he saw a boxed snes last week and was told it had been "reserved" and of course a few minutes later pikey dad was there doing the deal.

I have seen this sort of thing happening but it's not a new occurance, down here anyway.

I have seen one pikey actually running alongside cars as they drive in, looking at the backseat and asking them if they have any videos or computer games :blink:

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PS Anyone have any comments on this:

- Bloody hell!

- Git? :blink:

- What the hell are you going to do with all that stuff

- Do you want to sell `Hunchback` for the Gameboy? I used to have this, but when I took my GB to the states some years back my friends house was burgled and this went with it.


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Speaking of pikeys...one old pikey couple, who run around buying anything Super Nintendo to sell on their stall had some nice unboxed SNES games with instructions today, which appeared on their stall quite late, so they must have beaten me to this morning.

I asked how much they were. She said 'Five quid'. I picked up Mario Kart. 'Not that one, that one's eig...ten quid.' I put it down and picked up Kirby Dream Thingy. 'Oh, yeah, that one's a tenner as well. You don't see them with instructions much.' I agreed and moved swiftly on. :blink:

should have picked them all up and waited for her to say "ten" to all of them, and THEN say "So... which ones ARE five then?" :o

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I didn`t go as I was working, but my GF did!

She found me a couple of bits....

Boxed Virtua Gun £5

Wario`s Woods SNES £2

and... these oddities

Handlebars from a Hang-On arcade machine £2

Steering Wheel/Gear lever/dashboard/speakers from a Hot Chase machine £2

I was sooo amazed when she texted me that she found them, maybe I`ll find more bits of the same machines next week, you know like that magazine series that you had to collect 500 issues to build The Red Baron`s Tri-Plane.

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Got up at the usual un-godly hour this week, but unfortunately not the heavenly results I am used too. :)

Tenchu 2 in great condition

Parrapa the Rappa in very poor condition

The adventures of Alundra in good condition

PS1 games


Game gear with Asterix game – all in perfect working order


Original Megadrive and Sonic 2 cart


Space Invaders LP

50p :)

Sonic Adventure Dreamcast game in perfect condition


Art Attack Sega megadrive game in perfect condition


Issue’s 1-21 inclusive of Sega Saturn Magazine (Badger is right, these where bloody heavy, however I am really looking forward to reading them)

£3 :D

I thought my luck was in at one point when I came across a box of MINT PS1 games and already had about five in my hand when the fella informed me that they where £5 EACH……….I said nothing, just put them all down and moved swiftly on. :(

Also passed on a N64 with a couple of loose games for £30

Spotted some Herbert with amongst other things a couple of boxed neo geo pocket games.

Getting up even earlier next week, in fact I may even camp out at the car boot site. :angry:

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Had my own sale at the car boot today (I usually do 1-2 a year)

I made £150!!

including a few game bits-

NES, 2 controllers + 1 game

Saturn, 1 controller, 3 games (no scart lead)

£9 for the 2

Mega Drive - 2 controllers + Premier Manager 97 - £3

Now, these consoles were all a bit naff and tatty and were all unboxed, but they did sell. In fact, I'd never turned the MD on and the NES was incredibly unreliable.

What I didn't have was pikeys anywhere at all. In fact, retro fans didn't seem to be fighting themselves to get at my goods. The bits sold slowly over the course of the morning. I know I only had standard stuff, but it was interesting to see things from the sellers side. There were A LOT of asylum seekers there though offering us 50p for things we had marked up at a tenner!

A girl across from me sold a PSX (boxed) for £20 with no games! They're not that much in Game FFS! She also got £3 for the likes of WWTBAM and Fifa!!!!!!

I had a very quick look round and managed to pick up the following PSX games

Legacy Of Kain - Soul Reaver

Sampras Extreme Tennis

Star Wars The Phantom Menace

Duke Nukem - ATTK

Alien Resurrection

£5.50 the lot

All in all a good day out and a lovely sunny morning!

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Car Boot Kings, do you have your own shop / ebay / web site to sell the games / hardware.

Hello Mate

Most of the Nintendo stuff I keep, unless I already have it.

The non Nintendo stuff I usually trade for rare/expensive Nintendo titles (occasionly ps1), that I wouldn't be prepared to pay cash for.

Anything else goes on ebay mainly in the first week of December - any funds are put into the Integra fund.

I found the best thing lately is to take all the knackered yellow NES/SNES consoles into GameStation and trade for something easy to sell like an xbox/ps2 etc. This wasn't my idea I might add, but actually an idea from another rllmuk boot sale regular ;) ;) ;) He knows who he is :D You should have seen me 2 weeks ago, I took 13 SNES consoles in for trade, the bloke nearly fell off his chair! The geezer goes to me, have you got any Megadrives - and I replied, how many do you need, see you next week LOL :D

I did sell/trade a few bits on the various forums, but not any more - for reasons I went into a few weeks back.


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What do you lot do with all this...stuff ?

Also any tips if I wanted to get my hands on some consoles and games to actually play ? Every console i've owned up until my Gamecube has broken. Would I be better picking them up from gamestation ?

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What do you lot do with all this...stuff ?

Also any tips if I wanted to get my hands on some consoles and games to actually play ? Every console i've owned up until my Gamecube has broken. Would I be better picking them up from gamestation ?

I think there's a lesson to be learned there.

You and consoles don't mix. Here, play with this:


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