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Consolevania Type 4


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Well it would have been up right now but I stayed at my girlfriends last night so couldn't upload it. If you're all good I go home at lunch and start it then.

The trouble is, it's around 200MB so uploading that with my terrible ~128k up will take quite a while. If I start it at lunch then it could be ready around 6pm assuming it uploads OK.

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Any word on a direct download yet?

Please? :(

Edit: Holy crap, I just started up Azureus for old times sake and it's now dling at over 60kb/s. :)

Whoever's seeding that well, thanks.

Just use the torrent..go on. The more of us use it, the better the download speed is for all of us :big-fucking-winkie-smiley:

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Until a direct download is provided you can stick it up your hairy brown hole.

I'm sitting here at work with a connection faster than a tramp after a fiver blowing down the road, yet can't instal torrent on the machine.

One day Alanis Morrissete will write a moping whinging song about this.

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I've been waiting 18hrs for the torrent and not a single byte - do you think it could be blocking the Middle East or something?

The tracker just says Offline (time out) - thank fuck Burnout 3 is working that's all I can say.

I've been seeding with 25-30 up for the past 36 hours. Can people with a certain torrent program/client/thing only seed to people with the same one?

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Thank you for bringing me faith in video game shows!

You've showed the guys on TV how it really should be done.

I've not pissed my pants laughing at such piss funny jokes since, well, Gamesmaster!

One suggestion for you guys though. I loved the things at the end and maybe you could incorporate some funny out takes Jackie Chan style at the end of the show, perhaps?

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