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Consolevania Type 4


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Best yet, easily. Less filler, more killer.

One problem though: the Riddick review. No no, not because I disagree with your opinion, necessarily. You covered some important flaws, although to be honest they didn't hamper my enjoyment of the game. What I found annoying was the inconsistency of the review technique. With Michigan, and other Jap games, you treat the audience as if they're ignorant of everything (which we would be). But with Riddick you were doing it as if you were basically doing a giant response to an rllmuk thread on the subject matter. This doesn't translate very well into a review, IMO, and a bullet-point list of flaws isn't exactly entertaining viewing. I'd much rather have a proper balance and see you saying "Well, this is cool, and this is a neat touch, and..." - of which there are plenty of. Instead it came off entirely negative, which I know isn't what you meant to say (and you did say the same thing). But the problem is that anyone who hadn't seen the multitude of discussions about the game would be rather clueless, and left confused I imagine.

The Michigan review, by comparison, was masterful. You should do *every* review like that. Talk about the game in a natural way as if no one else has played it. You'd cover every base and it'd all feel very much more complete.

But that was basically my only problem with it. I was laughing throughout. Within the first two minutes I was actually *crying* with laughter; Molyneux was an amazing idea, and you charicatured him so so well. Taptaptaptap was hilarious as well, as was Kenny. Legendary was tip-top. But no Hitler! Boo. Was he off annexing a GAME shop?

Keep up the good work etc.

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I don't really find Kenny funny. He always looks like he's trying not to laugh or something.

As the outtakes prove, it's obviously impossible not to laugh, but surely there's at least one take where he's not laughing?!

I think he's ace. Although yeah, occasionally I do notice he's grinning.

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Excellent episode guys, in terms of production values, the show goes from strength to strength.

As for the riddick review, I found it an excellent antidote to the generally overly-positive reviews on IGN, GameSpot, etc.

Surely Dominik Diamond is up soon for a celebrity gaming impersonation?

Keep up the excellent work. Being simultaneously informative and funny is no mean feat.

Edit: ruined next poster's grammatical pun.

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