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Consolevania Type 4


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I thought the Pete Molyneux bit was funny. Good likeness too!

Indeed. That along with John Gacy proved to be the comedy highlights for me.

And whilst I still don't like Legend, it seems to have gotten better - less hectic, more focused and generally of better quality. Providing it keeps the standard up, I won't be so inclined to skip it ala CV1.

Reviews were good. Michigan proved to be an interesting eye-opener, to the extent I'm praying we get a PAL release and Winning Eleven looks good enough to warrant ditching PES and getting my PS2 mod-chipped. Hurrah!

With the fourth ep, CV feels a bit like a marriage: the thrill has gone, but it's still a worthwhile venture. Good job lads, probably your best one yet.


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Guest Dancing Stage EuroPrick

Legend singing the theme tune of, in my opinion, the best game on ps2 gave me a chuckle.

Thanks for all the effort you put into making it.

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Why the fuck is mine going so god damn slowly? :)

XP firewall isn't up. Zonealarm isn't blocking it. I've set my upload and download to max.

What am I doing wrong? :ph34r:

Regardless of the client you're using, the answer will probably be "Get a better BT client"

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Another great episode. This weeks "Tap tap tap tap!" was really good! Trying to get a reversal in those wrestling games is the single reason I've wrecked 2 N64 controllers :)

For anyone who is having problems with the torrent, give Torrent Storm a try, it's never let me down.

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Above question again... is the deal one random item per disc or is it a case of "i sent you a lump of plastic! Now give me infinite episodes on disc!"?

also, what about the wrester compo thing? or is that covered on the episode...

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