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Second Sight Impressions

templar wizard

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Someone bought it me for my birthday because he knows how much I liked Psi Ops. My biggest regret is that I took the shrink wrap off it.

Didn't like the voice acting, TBH, but it's certainly not the worst I've ever heard by a long chalk. The repetition of some of the samples is annoying though, and the controls are just totally cumbersome when compared to Psi Ops. The physics system is comedic in most circumstances, and the whole stealth aspect of it is just broken - not being able to see what's around when you're wall-hugging is just insane, it flies in the face of what stealth gaming should be all about. And I don't personally like the Free Radical graphic style, although I do admit it is at least more inspired and fresh than Psi Op's fairly generic looks.

The story seems okay for a videogame, but I really can't be arsed continuing with it. Too many better games to play, including Psi Ops. It's a shame that it didn't come to market 3 months earlier, because I would have probably loved it to death, but post-PsiOps it just seems weak and not particularly well executed to me.

I think I'll be putting it on Ebay any day, maybe give it one more go to try and get into it first, but I don't hold out much hope.


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That's a bit mental. You know, why bother even going to a discussion board if you aren't prepared to hear other people's opinion without being an abusive twat?

Believe me, that's the most passionate post I've ever placed on the board.

And I was pissed out of my head when I posted it*. Sorry if I upset you.

*Though I still believe that Second Sight is a great game.**

**I'm pissed now as well, if you're interested.

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