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Second Sight Impressions

templar wizard

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i played this for a few hours last night, it initially was going to be a 'little test' before FABLE went into the box, but 2 hours just flew by and the gf came home so xbox off.

but what a 2 hours.

Second Sight is one of those great games that wont do so well. People will be turned off immediately by the reports of spawning enemies and its stealth leanings.

Plus, PsiOps is already out and it offers, on paper, the exact same play experience.

But having played both games, I can tell you that Second Sight offers you that X factor.

Its the little touches which make an excellent game and FRD has poured them in.

Using the terminals in SS is a joy, similar to DOOM3 you interact with the terminal in-game, but unlike DOOM3, the exact info you are looking for isnt on the front page, you have to dig. Not too deeply, but its a nice touch.

There are loads of nice touches and i would only ruin the game if i described the ones i have seen, so i wont.

The script and voice-acting is quite pleasant, so far I havent wanted to rewrite any cheesy lines, unlike 90% of the games I have played and the story is nicely paced, although I fucking hate flashbacks as a story device (its very cheap and nasty)but it is handled in SS quite well.

But its a stealth game! yeah it is, but in another wonderful touch you dont HAVE to kill anyone (so far) in the game, so I for one, enjoy sneaking past and fooling the guards with my non-letal tactics.

For those respawning guard alerts, you have a large array of abilities you get you out of any tight spot, so I cant imagine too many people having trouble with the softly softly approach. But you also have the standard weapon set to blast your way out of any tight cover (I only tried it once... for a test)

But of course it does have bad points, training is a fucking chore, and its long. It would have nice to have had some story background 'colouring' at the same time, because its definetly a 'go get a sandwiche' moment.

The camera is a bit ropey at times and doesnt have the solid feel of psi-ops cam, it seems to always want to do its own thing and you WILL be fighting with it. There is survival cam option, but i found it useless.

I really like the gfx, they are clear and clean. i think FRD and IO interactive share a talent for avoiding clutter in level design and provide you a intuitive map. There is some slowdown and its in the craziest places, very very strange.

Although im not a big fan of the art design and i personally think that timesplitters 'thing' is a bit dated, but thats just me and it hasnt taken from the game one bit.

All in all: a very solid 8 out of 10.

Very solid.

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I definitely going to get one of these two psychic shooters but was unsure of which to plump for. I was leaning towards Second Sight purely because it’s by Free Radical (thay are teh goldeneyex0rs etc.) and available on the cube. Most of the reviews I’ve encountered edge me slightly further in that direction, but a lot of them say that Psi-Ops has a slightly better telekinesis implementation, which gives the whole game a cool toy box feel, so I would like to at least have a lengthy play around with it.

It’s a shame for both parties that they both turned up at the same time really.

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goodness, no interest in SS?

perhaps you guys might know this: but preview discs of fable, pre gold, were given to certain games sites and magazines. i got one of the discs.

Nah there was interest in Second Sight as well, its just that when you said "I have fable disc" everyones brains got a bit sidetracked and went oooh ;)

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You don't have to kill enemies?

If it's a stealth game with respawning enemies what would be the point in killing them?

Maybe it buys you some time to get somewhere, i.e. Kill the guy watching over the corner to leg it round (before he respawns :D ) if you cant be arsed to sneak past him - for example

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Maybe it buys you some time to get somewhere, i.e. Kill the guy watching over the corner to leg it round (before he respawns :D ) if you cant be arsed to sneak past him - for example

Yeah, there's that.

Respawning bad guys means it's definitely not going to get purchased by me, it doesn't suit my 'assassin' style approach to stealth games.

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Enemies only respawn if you set off an alarm or the guards are otherwise alerted to your presence - they come out of the woodwork then and just keep coming if you don't attempt to get away from them. Otherwise, you can pretty much clear out most areas... as long as you keep quiet.

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It could well be respawning in the same way MGS respawns. Leave the area and they all come back.

Don't think so - I managed to finish it before doing the review (great twist at the end...) and I never experienced that once. Still, there's very little backtracking into previous areas once you move forward so that might explain it.

Aside from the slightly flimsy physics (flimsy against Psi-Ops, at least), I quite liked it. Heck, there aren't that many games that I actually play in my spare time to finish on top of having to do it in work time. :lol:

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