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Headhunter: Redemption


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Is anyone else wondering why everywhere states this game is going to be out on Friday, yet I've read no reviews or seen no promotion for it what so ever. I had hoped the Headhunter franchise would get stronger and stronger, and that this game was going to capitalise on the missed opportunities of the first.

Does anyone know anything about the game, or can at least confirm the release date of it, and am I the only one with any interest in this title?

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I've only heard really, really bad things about it. which is a shame.

Still, on the plus side, the Richard Jacques headhunter double CD should be on sale soon.

Surely you have heard what Mart has said up there. Thus making a good thing you have heard about it. Thus, I don't believe you/ So, nyer! :ph34r:

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My local GAME seem to be pushing this quite a lot with a massive poster right across the top of the counter. Actually, so does HMV - and they have all the game boxes out too saying "coming soon".

I think Edge had an article a few issues back and it sounded promising, if nothing special.

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Good to hear you enjoyed it, does it still have bike chases in it, and is the soundtrack up to scratch?

No bike chases, but plenty of action - the music's cool (from what I remember of it), but it's the story that really had me hooked. It twists and turns like a twisty, turny thing.

Finished it in a weekend (only really got stuck on one bit, which is a real departure from the style of the rest of the game), but that was a solid weekend - playing from morning till night both days. Reckon about twelve hours of play there for the average joe, plus some secret stuff to find.

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Ahh... Erm... Oo. And he didn't like Galleon.

Bah! Poo to him!

Or maybe not.


Hell yeah - wasn't keen on Manhunt, thought Galleon was alright but nowhere near what it should of been.

And I don't like Halo (the first one). I can see why other people like it, but I don't. Or the original Half-Life for that matter.

Nerrrrr. :D:lol:

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Holy shit buckets batman.

I'm so pissed off because i want to play it but i have work to do today.

Stuck it on this morning for a "quick" burst and i don't think i've ever been happier with a sequel.

First thing to do is go into options and turn off subtitles as it kind of ruins the intro.

Now that's sorted, what about the game?

Well i loved Headhunter. I'm not a fan of the MGS series really but Headhunter hit something special in me and from the hour this morning i can tell you this one does the same. If i'm this happy after an hour i can't wait till the game picks up!

The controls feel clunky at first being almost identical to the original (with a Metroid Prime scanner bolted on). Then it all starts to click and you just enjoy yourself.

The whole set up story for the game is inspired and it doesn't seem like a lazy sequel at all.

The sound is phenomonal all round. The sound effects are spot on, picking up and using the machine gun for the first time gave me a good punchy noise reverberating around the dolby digital.

I won't say much about the score, we all know it's by Richard Jacques, we all knew it was going to be excellent but i didn't know it was going to sit in the game so well and peak up when it's needed but sit nicely in the background during slow moments.

I'll get this soundtrack without a doubt. Although i don't think i've heard the main theme yet.

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you must buy it.

everyone must buy it.

buy it now.

seriously if Sonic Heroes can do so well then surely a game of this quality should kick a little ass.

i am perhaps biased, since this was announced it's only been behind Halo 2 on my wanted list.

buy it.

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I'm quite enjoying this too(only gave it a short play), it doesnt feel too much like the original to me but that may turn out to be a good thing :ph34r:

I have got a little frustrated losing track of an enemy in the heat of a shoot out, blasting away thinking I'm locked on only to be facing the opposite way for some reason(although its only happened a couple of times and nothing major)

Tbh I havent really noticed the soundtrack, I'll have to prick up my ears next play.

Could be very good :(

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Well, if it sneaks onto the shelves before any reviews does that mean it gone all Driv3r/ETM?

.::: You could be right as Atari distributes it around here. It's not even in their new game list.

EDIT: For some reason the PS2 version is also 10 euro cheaper than the normal priced Xbox one... Go figure...

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Bugger, and Sudeki's out tomorrow as well (well I'm still interested in it).

Heh, Sudeki, along with Doom, is getting all my gaming attention at the moment. After a few hours and the combat gets going, it's really good. And it looks great too. At least, I think so, anyway.

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yeh the game looks nice, and if its half as good as the original, then it will be worth playing, its definately out tomorrow btw, and if you preordered it from gamestation youd be getting a lovely headhunter t-shirt too. one of which im wearing now :)

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