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It's quite a strange series you've got four main chracters Stanley Tweedle a cowardly security guard in love with Zev, Kai a dead assasin, Xev (zev in the earlier series) who was created as a sex slave but somthing went wrong so she has the body of the sex slave but the head is in the robot head who is also in love with Kai as is Zev, but being dead he isn't big on the whole love thing. These four are then on the Lexx which is the most destructive weapon in the two universes, which only Stanley can control.

It ran for three series plus four TV movies between 97 and 2002. I actually think it is quite good it's nice to see a sci fi with such pathetic and flawed chracters, not the usual saving the univers for the good of everyone type of stuff. It also looks really good the earlier series where set in space and there where some really imgainative settings.

I keep meaning to pick up the DVDs as you can get them relatively cheap.

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Of course it's rubbish. That's why it's so entertaining. Most Scifi gets bogged down with big pseudo-scientifical megajargon and interstellar politics. Lexx pretty much was just utterly random nonsense thrown together in a spaceship, like a cross between Hitch Hiker's, Red Dwarf, and a mental asylum.

Not worth paying money to watch IMO, but definitely good fun for those not up to thinking about much.

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didnt this used to come on channel 5 yonks ago quite late about 4 years ago?

i remember i was younger and looked at the tv listings and saw this and thought "fuck me its got 2 x's in it! i bet its got some next channel 5 bongo...

i watched it for 30 mins expecting the character to strip down at any point before i realised it wasnt that type of show :rolleyes:

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Lexx is rubbish. The only reason anyone watches it is because there's a hot chick in it. Although they seem to have replaced her with a less hot version at some point.

Xenia Seeberg hates YOU.

I'm currently looking around for season 4, as I missed it when it was on sci-fi years back. Season 3 was pretty sodding dreadful, despite the promising setting.

Mantrid is the best bad guy ever :rolleyes:

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I really liked Lexx

I started watching it someway through the first season and then stopped at the end of the second season, occasionally catching episodes of the more recent stuff (which is less good but still enjoyable IMO) every now and then.

Its was simply stupid.

The goodies were odd (although the undead assasin was cool even if he had a rubbish hair cut), the baddy patheticly rubbish (despite trying to be super evil), the other characters that would occasionally turn up laughable, the locals super dooper low budget and the whole premise of the show and the idea of the super weapon lexx was rediculous.

However it was great, silly, camp, colourful, kind of imaginative and most of all fun.

I wouldnt mind watching some of those earlier episodes again to see how much of my opinion has been rosely tinted.

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I tried to watch this once and it was like Farscape on speed.

Which is just insane when you consider that Farscape is basically Star Trek on acid.

Roll on the new Farscape!!!

Well, in keeping with this form of description I would have to say that Firefly is Farscape, leaning on the bar in an Old West saloon, gently sipping from a glass of whisky.

I was really annoyed when Farscape got cancelled though. I had only watched like 3 episodes (mainly cause I couldn't be arsed to move after The Simpsons), and I was really getting into it when suddenly there was a cliffhanger and the BBC2 lady informed me that it was the last one. Ever. Damn it all to hell!

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  • 17 years later...

Ultra thread resurrection... 


There was fuck all on telly as usual so I was just searching through the roku box and thought I'd have a look on the roku channel. There's a surprising amount of non shite on there but I spied a particular favourite of mine. Lexx and all 4 seasons of it too. 


I've started from the beginning and it's just so utterly gloriously wonderful. Camp, funny, stupid, just brilliant. Season 1 is tricky and can be oddly paced but it really kicks off in season 2 which sadly misses Eva Habermann for the majority of it. 


As long as you give the low budget style a chance, its got so much charm and its the antithesis of those serious but ever so dull sci-fi shows of that era.


Anyone else seen this recently? Probably not...

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It's on Amazon prime at least in Australia I watched the first episode I think a while back - I found it a bit slow to be honest and didn't venture any further.

My recollections of it are pretty sketchy other than it seemed batshit crazy, but also I generally just caught episodes on channel 5? when i came back from the pub when I was probably 17-19. 

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