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'official Outrun 2 Thread'


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Does it have system link?

Hopefully (and probably)

If so we can have a dance on XBConnect until the official release.

Damn, now I'll be bored of it before I see proper online play

I was thinking that. I overkilled on the demo big time and have blanked the game for a while. Burnout 3 helped.

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The only emoticon for this game is :D

It's a sheer pleasure.

I had a bit of a shock at my first passing of Castle Wall as I wasn't greeted with GOAL (obviously) Going through the next couple of sections was joy.

Just done Easy route and seeing the credits after 5mins is kinda weird. I pictured some people not quite getting that and going "Eh?" TEH SHORTEST GAME EVAR!!!1!!

Oh, I am so Elite


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First niggle.

There's no "Best OutRunners" option from the options etc So to see your best Arcade times you have to complete an Arcade route :D And even then it only comes on for 5 seconds or so.

Theres High Score tables for the mission stuff and Time Trial*. It seems a frustrating oversight that theres not for the main arcade modes.

Especially when a lot of the fun with OutRun is striving for better times.

Maybe they'll be one in the FULL release but I highly doubt it...

*This differs from Arcade and Arcade Time Attack mode as the check-points are brought forward to before the split in the track (for single sections). So for Palm Beach you're looking at 43/44secs as opposed to 58/59secs in Arcade Mode. However a TT for a full route is still the same an arcade Time Attack

Hands Up if I've confused you.

<My Hands Up>

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