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'official Outrun 2 Thread'


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Don't you have a MegaDrive/PS2/chipped Xbox/Shenmue? :angry:

As you say, there are loads of ways to play the original Outrun but it's inclusion in Outrun 2 makes the package complete. I just hope that the unlockable version included here will revert to the Ferrari badge on the Testerossa. As much as I like to play the version on Shenmue II, it does annoy me that they present you with a 'fake' Ferrari, in turn tainting the whole experience.

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Oct 1st

Yeah, GAME told me October 1st. Amazon and Gamestation say October 1st aswell but Play and Simply Games say October 29th. I think they're just slow though.

Possibly looking like October 8th as Gameplay have recently updated to that. Could be an extra week of agony.

The American release is October 25th according to EB Games or October 13th say Videogameplus. The yanks are getting it as a budget release though at $39.99, just a shade over £20-00.

In other news, is this the official box art?


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Went to the WONDERFUL seaside resort of Weston-Super-Mare just to get some practice in anticipation of the release, and I am looking forward to it even more now.

Had a proper play on the Heart Attack mode which was great, the triple A's were coming thick and fast.

Looking forward to checking out the 101 missions on the X Box version, one of the great things about this game is the fact that it's proper pick up and play stuff with each run through in the main mode taking about 5 mins.

In short I can't wait for this.

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So, does someone have access to the full version or something?. I got the demo yesterday and I am really liking it, pity I will be at University when the game is released, my Xbox is staying at home.

See the pirate on the previous page!

So, no custom soundtracks :-(

Does it have system link?

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i have no idea what putting ! in front of = means but if it means that custom soundtracks are not shite then i'm with you.

i should apologise for the worst joke i ve ever made, sorry

But custom soundtracks are brill, how can anyone not like having a choice

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There's NO LINK-UP in the review copy.*ignore, see below


So looks likely there is none at all.

EDIT: Control config is not the same as demo. It's only gear change thats moved though. Profile H is the demo layout.

All looks very similar, no change in front end etc as expected really.

Oooooh and Link-up IS IN! :D Hidden away down there in OutRun Challenge>OutRun Race>SYSTEM LINK

Just says 2 or more so no idea how many can be linked.

EDIT 2: So much to do and play with. I'm going to get stuck into this tomorrow. No-one on XBC at this time. Poofs.

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i think your "!" is in the wrong place:

Custom tracks != shite

I think thats what you meant.

i have no idea what putting ! in front of = means but if it means that custom soundtracks are not shite then i'm with you.

however certain games are exempt such as JSRF, Outrun 2 and well i was gonna list a bunch of SEGA games because all their music is ace.

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