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'official Outrun 2 Thread'


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Just found this bit of info :


Just want to clarify on the bonus track stuff with extra detail, in

case anyone's desperate...

Bonus Track 1 - Daytona USA 2

Stage 1: Intermediate stage (Fun park)

Stage 2: Expert stage (City)

Stage 3: Beginner stage (Speeway Oval)

Bonus Track 2 - SCUD Race

Stage 1: Beginner stage Day (Bayside)

Stage 2: Beginner stage Night (Airport)

Stage 3: Intermediate stage (Asian culture - mountains, statues and

the like)

Stage 4: Expert stage (European culture - castles and lakes)

Obviously, the courses run into one another with checkpoints dividing

them, rather than being separate. I know that's obvious but... well,

wanted to point it out. Sorry.

Discuss :):( B)


sorry can someone move this to the correct forum, sorry my bad.

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Sounds like fanboyism to me. What do Daytona USA 2 and Scudrace have to do with Outrun (2) besides being developed by AM2? It would be awesome but I highly doubt it.

'Conker on Xbox will have secret Banjo Kazooie en Donkey Kong 64 levels!' :)

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Be aware that the game also contains (highlight spoilers):

4 extra cars not seen in the arcade game (you start off with 3 rather than the 8 in the arcade, with the remainder unlocked in mission mode), 11 extra music tracks to unlock and additional drivers to replace Alberto which are unlocked by racing them over endurance runs of 10 - 30 stages.

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what about the 3D remakes of the orginal Outrun and Turbo Outrun's tracks? that's what i really wanted for my bonus stuff..... aren't daytona and scud race's tracks just going to be circuits instead of free roaming.

quite disappointed actually.

No. It works like in Mix mode in Daytona 2. You'll come toward the end of the lap and it'll change into the next track. It's disconcerting the first time you see it, but it makes sense.

The remakes? No. I was expecting them as they were being done for OutRun 2 SP, but this doesn't seem to be the case. Maybe OutRun 2 SP will be available as downloadable content ala Ninja Gaiden Hurricane Edition.

Will it support custom soundtracks?

No. There are 11 extra music tracks to unlock, but no custom soundtracks. That would, quite frankly, be absolute sacrilage to allow for custom soundtracks in an OutRun game.

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No reason for me to doubt Burai, is there :ph34r:

Question: can the Xbox handle the Daytona USA 2 goodness? The swinging ship for example.

If it can handle Outrun 2, I don't think Daytona 2 tracks are going to be a problem.

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