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Car Boots! 21/22 August

El Pibe

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Found a few little interesting things missing from my collection this weekend and what seems to be the must have of the moment – a Saturn :(

Here goes-

Boxed Saturn (very nice condition)

Sonic Jam

Athlete kings

Tomb Raider

Daytona USA

Die Hard Trilogy

Virtua Fighter

Command & Conquer

All boxed and in great condition


Battle Arena Toshinden Remix

Virtua Fighter 2

Panzer Dragoon Zwei :)


Master System 2 (no power pack)

Alex Kidd in Shinobi World – boxed no booklet :D

World Class Leader Board - boxed no booklet

Castle of Illusion – Boxed with booklet

Sonic - Boxed with booklet

Hang On - Boxed with booklet

£2 yes just a measly two quid for the lot – I love old people

Megadrive 2 power supply

Megadrive 2 RF cable


Space harrier cart only for the game gear


SNES (no RF cable)

Starwing and booklet

Zelda – link to the past with booklet and map

Secret of Mana with booklet and map


SNES and a couple of controllers

UN Squadron

Super R-Type

Home alone 2

Super Mario Allstars and super Mario world (one cart)

Street Fighter 2 Turbo x2

Street Racer

Stunt Racer

Super Soccer

International Super Star Soccer Deluxe

NHL Hockey ‘94

Lethal Weapon

Exhaust Heat


Donkey Kong Country

Super Mario Kart

Super Metroid

Ultimate Mortal Kombat

Street Fighter 2

£5.60, no I didn’t haggle over the 60p that’s all the change I had left :D

Not bad going really.

Turned down the usual plethora of shitty over priced PS1’s and a couple of boxed N64’S that I am having nightmares about.

Car boot sale king the challenge has been set :D

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Where's the Car Boot King!?  8)

The pikeys were out in force on Sunday, every time you turned a corner they were walking off with boxes of good stuff (for a change) I had car boot sale burnout, I just spent the whole morning moaning about the pikeys to anyone that wanted to listen :( Hardly found anything...

The weather didn't help either, didn't goto my usual afternoon sale, as it was called off due to bad weather.

What made it all worth while though was picking up a rare item all boxed with 4 games for just... £5 - will post later :D


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Coudln't go booting sadly.

However, met a bloke on Saturday night who has a 'spare' Vectrex, so I might be a very happy chappy sometime soon. B)

You lucky sod - been after one of those for ages!

My favourite was called off due to the wet weather, I did 2 boot sales - I got the following:


Console (boxed/complete) fantastic condition

Doom (complete)

Alien Vs Predator (complete)

Tempest (complete)

Checkered Flag (complete)

- £5 the lot, I was really pleased with this, as I had been looking/wanting one for nearly 2 years.


Sonic 3D (complete) £1


Mischief Makers (loose)

Snowboard Kids (loose)

- £2 the lot


The 3 Stooges (big box version)

Rocket Ranger (big box version)

Sinbad (big box version)

- 50p each


Mary-Kate & Ashley Winners Circle - £1

Rugrats - £1

Casper - £1

Pong - £1

Space Invaders - £3

Bust-A-Groove - £2 <_< (don't tell the pikeys this is worth money)

Final Fantasy 7 - £2

Dino Crisis - £1

Pandemonium 2 - £4

Crash 3 - £1

Soul Blade - £1.50

Jungle Book - £1.50


White Gameboy Advance (boxed/complete)

CastleVania (complete)

Super Mario Bros DeLuxe (complete)

Flintstones Big Trouble In Bedrock (complete)

Green Gameboy Color (loose) + 3 Pokemon Red/Blue/Yellow (loose)

- £35 the lot


Console (complete/lovely condition) - £3

Sonic (complete) - £1


Blue Gameboy Advance (loose)

Scooby Doo (loose)

- £17.50


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Console (boxed/complete) fantastic condition

Doom (complete)

Alien Vs Predator (complete)

Tempest (complete)

Checkered Flag (complete)

- £5 the lot, I was really pleased with this, as I had been looking/wanting one for nearly 2 years.


never seen one at a boot sale

great price too!

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There was SFA of interest retro-wise at my local on Sunday. Passed on a Megadrive which had a few games including Micro Machines and Desert Strke - I own the latter and I couldn't be arsed finding out how much the whole lot would be just for MM.

At least I didn't leave empty handed - there was a guy selling a handful of PS2 games at £5 each. Most were overpriced (Time Splitters 1, 2002 FIFA World Cup) but amusingly he had Ace Combat: Distant Thunder in there, MINT condition, for a fiver. It's on eBay now :)


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Ive still got a barcade battler in the attick somewhere, worth shit though isnt it.

Didnt find much at the boot sale this week, only some guy selling five copies of Panzar Dragon Saga for a quid each. I was tempted but its not like its worth anything so i bought 2 copies of the rare Resident evil instead. I need to ebay them soon.

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Barcode Battler.... I sold that on eBay sometime ago. Can't recall how much for mind... I wont it in a BK compo years ago :)

As for Convoy @ £1 - you git!!!! I have the first Japanese release boxed and mint which goes for around £100 yet I know if I were to sell it now I would probably only get £30 since it's been released in crappier packaging = cheap.



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I'm genuinely in awe! Fancy selling one of your spare Primes?

I was absolutely gobsmacked!! I think he had put one of them on the table as a guy had something that looked like a transformer in his had but I got the rest of the box!!

I've already sold the extra primes I'm afraid, sorry.


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