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Within the first 20mins I was suprised Stiller wasn't playing the Average Joe guy but a few more minutes in made me realise why he played who he did. Worked very well.

I love films like this - Funny and short. All films should be like that.

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meh.. 'twas ok, the dvd commentary was good though!

There are 2 hidden commentaries, which are proper, non-pisstake ones. One is with just the writer/director, and the other is with the writer/director, Ben Stiller, and Vince Vaughn. They're worth a listen, too.

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This is only £3.99 in the Virgin sale and is well worth watching again, if only for the alternate ending on the disk

Average Joes lose. Ben Stillers team start celebrating in slow motion to triumphant music then the credits roll. Brilliant and made a lot more sense than the ending the film had. According to the commentary on the scene the ending used was forced on him by the studios after the test audiences didn't like it which was a pity.

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