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And I'm really up my own arse, and normally only like to be seen laughing at really clever, sophisticated jokes. But it turns out I like seeing people being hit hard in the face, over and over again. Just brilliant. And that Lance Armstrong cameo. It's possibly a modern classic.

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I thought the trailers made this look really, really bad. Especially the first one which had nothing apart from people being hit by balls in the gym. But after seeing what others said about it, I gave it a chance and thought it was hilarious.

I loved the cameos with Hasselhoff, Armstrong and Norris. For some reason, that last one came even more unexpectedly than the others.

I can't believe it also took me a minute to recognise Rip Torn. If it wasn't for the voice, I'm not sure I would have at all. I've never seen him look like that. Some great lines from him too.

As for Steve the pirate, I agree that he was totally unnecessary. But I don't care. It had a guy dressed like a pirate saying "Yarr!" a lot, so I'm happy :lol: A bizzare inclusion, but it made me laugh.

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As a movie I thought it was intensely cliched, and while the jokes weren't all that funny, there were still some golden ones in there. Not that enjoyable to be honest, but Ben Stiller as bad guy made it decent enough.

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