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MegaDrive games to take on holiday


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Streets of Rage 2


Revenge of Shinobi (or return of - either is good)



Ghouls and Ghosts

Thunderforce 3





Zero Wing

Castlevania XX or whatever its called.

Tertris or Columbs

Rock and Roll Racing

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Sonic The Hedgehog is the first choice- you only need to press two buttons in the entire game (Right and either A, B or C). Then of course, there's Columns and Dr Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine, which are simple puzzle games- so there's only a few buttons to press. Outrun would also be a good choice- again, just left, right and accelerate/brake.

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Get AlienSoldier!


Ok so im like going on holiday and i want some megadrive games to play on my phone so like what games would you recomend? (preferebly ones that use the least amout of buttions)

But Gunstar Heroes uses the same amount of buttons, IIRC. :P

Ok, ok, how about Micro Machines then?

Edit: And Pulseman!

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