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GamesTM Issue 22


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Evening all,

Issue 22 of GamesTM landed on my doormat this evening.

I've not had chance to read through any of the retro section yet, but can give you a quick lowdown of what's in there...

  • Retro News - Midway Arcade Treasures 2, This Month in 1982, The Charts Sept 1982, Intellivision Games We Were Playing in 1982
  • Rising Sun Retro - Shinrei Jusatsushi Taromaru (Saturn)
  • Great Game Bosses - Revenge of Shinobi
  • Games That Time Forgot - Rock Star Ate My Hamster
  • Why Don't They Remake... - Feud
  • Great Retro Gaming Moments - Michael Jackson's Moonwalker, Robotron 2084
  • Retro Feature - One Vision (4 pages of Colecovision coverage!)
  • ROM Service - Focuses on Japanese titles that have been converted into English by fans
  • Classic Machine - PC Engine GT
  • Six of The Best (PC Engine) Power Drift, Out Run, Devil Crash, Jacki Chan Action Kung Fu, OutRun, R-Type 1+2
  • Greatest Retro Game Ever - Super Metroid (2 page spread)
  • Reviews - Sword of Vermilion, Tornado Low Level, After Burner
  • Retrospective - The Pickford Brothers (meaty 4 page article)
  • Retro Contact - 2 pages of letters
  • Classic Console Buyers Guide
  • Games Trading Market - Classifieds
  • The Ultimate Collection - Interview with our very own car boot master RichM

Those of you may notice the lack of `Family Tree`. Darran (Strider) tells me that it will be back in the next issue. He's actually beavering away on it at the moment.

I'll write more once I've had chance to read through it, but if any of you lot have already had an opportunity to, please let the rest of us know what you think.


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give me your address mate, and I'll get one sent out to you (providing we have some left...)

Thanks mate but I picked up a copy this morning. All good stuff but I know my girlfriend will rip the piss for the plastic bags comment! :P


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Ouch, nasty ;) That'll be the end of your spare cash then :)

What format you collecting?


Currently have a switched Megadrive with about 40 games and Mega CD with 27, a switched US SNES with about 35 games, a UK NES with 29 games a switched Japanese N64 with about 14 and a Jap Saturn with about 55.

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