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Burnout 3


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Played this for a few hours on Sunday on PS2. Single-player only.

Initial impressions are that the core game is a very good arcade racer. I can't get on with all the fluff around it though.

"Congratulations, you successfully pressed the X button.

You unlocked a new car! *music* *FMV*

You unlocked a new track! *music* *FMV*

You unlocked a new series! *music* *FMV*"

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Absolutely. Is it faster? Slower? Better-handling? *shrug*

It's like a kid with too many presents at Christmas. You get given so many things that none of them are special and the "risk=reward" thing becomes meaningless because you're just showered with gifts right from the start.

Is there a Ninja Gaiden Remix of Burnout 3 available?

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