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Burnout 3


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Ok kids, I will say this again for anyone trying to play on Live -


They seem to be better (although still a bit shit) than the shamloic UK ones, which are barely there.

Managed a great session last night with U1, Simms, Uxo and a few others.

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Well, I'm trying to persuade everyone to pick a common rllmuk server, room, password. I've randomly said UK3 server (see my sig). If there are genuinely problems with UK servers perhaps we'll have to switch.

There's some sense in this. As your Friends list doesnt tell you what server your friends are on it can be difficult to trace them. Although I think It will be difficult to always pick one server to do it on as it may not be there (when its quiet) or that server may be full.

Maybe if whenever up folks create a room we always pick the highest number UK server, always call the room RLLMUK (RLLMUK1, RLLMUK2, etc) and always use the password "forum" it will be easier to find a game with you friends without too much hassle?

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Quite. I mean the point of AUTOSAVE is that it saves, well, AUTOMATICALLY. Therefore you don't need me to tell you to CONFIRM and CONTINUE.


Anyway, I read the Edge review again last night and noiced in the little boxout they say that they couldn't actually test it online. If they couldn't I'm guessing none of the other mags could either. I wonder if some of the scores might have been a point or two lower if they had seen the online setup.

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Just did the special event (burning lap) with the indy car. My god! I thought this game was fast before. I cannot wait to get those things unlocked.

My main critisism is the multipliers in crash mode. All too often I've completely arsed up my attempt (i.e. hitting a wall), but have stuck with it and been able to use the crashbreaker to simply launch myself to the 4x item, hence almost invariably getting gold.

It's a lot of fun, but getting gold doesn't seem that hard on most of them (admittedly I've only done the first 50). I'm hoping they get harder.

The world tour is an excellent way of openning the game. I love the way playing crashes opens up more crashes and racing creates new race events, meaning I can just sit and play one of the other depending on how I feel without my progress being held back.

Road Rage has to be the ultimate thrill so far for me. It's just great seeing the clock tick down, entering the last 20 seconds, with two more takedowns required for gold and two blue arrows in the distance. Burnout away and frenzied smashes to follow :D

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Picked it up last night, great game. :D Only two little niggles from me.

1) No high score leader board in multi-player crash. That kept Burnout 2 fresh forever and nearly took my mom and dad to the divorce courts as they tried to outdo each others scores.

2) My 8 year old son won't keep off Road Rage mode long enough for me to have a decent go on it. :D

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As great as certain game modes are (Road Rage, Race), there are some I'm dredding playing. For example the bastard Face offs on that European Autobahn are all fucking gay. I don't know how many times I have to take down the opponent only for him to get me on the last corner and win the fucking thing. Surely there's some inbalance in this mode. Another problem is if he gets you at the start and zooms off, it's almost impossible to catch up with him, I HATE FACE OFFS!

That sounds like the same problem I'm having and there's definitely an inbalance.

I'll take him down and it'll say I'm 3 seconds ahead - he takes me down and it say he's 7 seconds ahead. :(

I once crashed when I was leading and just managed to take him out at the end of my after touch. I thought that'd keep me ahead while he continued crashing only for him to be ahead of me a split second later. :D

Anway, loving the Road Rage and Crash modes, and broke the $100,000,000 total in Crash last night. :D

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Fantastic game and all but after playing far too much of the Outrun 2 demo recently, the drifting isn't quite right.

Still, it's the same step up from the last one that Burnout 2 was from the first. Crash mode is a thing of beauty. Most enjoyable driving game ever - takedown's offer a completely new way of playing.

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You are wrong.

There's another thread where any points you care to make* will be comprehensively debunked.


* Other than the EA != Live variety.

I think I don't like racing games. :D

Anyway, I'll give it another bash on sunday, and see if it clicks a bit better.

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I've played it quite a bit now and the thing that I find most frustrating is the lack of boost available. Sure, hitting your opponents give you loads, but if you get out in front or drop behind them then it's really difficult to build up any boost. Driving on the wrong side of the road getting near misses and drifting doesn't fill your burnout bar quick enough for my liking.

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Just now managed to complete crash mode with all golds! I'll definitely go back to most of them to improve my scores, but some of them are just a joy to play over and over.

Tried to do a few races, but my brain melted. That F1 car is insane, and I was only on a single lap with no opponents! God knows how mental it gets when faced with some competition.

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It's a bit good, innit? I gave it a quick spin last night and wasn't really feeling it, but having given it a good 2+ hours today I'm totally hooked. As mentioned, the game just keeps on giving when you're doing well - new areas open up, new cars are unlocked - so you're always wanting to see what's up next.

It's the first game in 3 months to stop me thinking about 3rd Strike. :D Fan-fucking-tastic.

The soundtrack and DJ are fucking cringe-worthy, though. The experience improves ten-fold once you switch that wanker off and burn your own custom soundtrack.

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