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3 Of A Kind-Baby Cakes


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Taken from anysonglyric.com

"Baby cakes

You just don't know, know

How I I

I like it down low

And I just want you to know

That I think I love will grow

Will take it step by step

Because I'm not something you own [x2]"


You got to be wacked off your neck on russell dust to listen to this pap!

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no YOU shut up

er......... NO!

This song is poorly produced pop tat for the under 16s. End of story!

I think you will always find yourselft totally outnumbered on this subject.

No point telling me to shut up. Look back through the thread and you'll find there's quite a few people you will want to "shut up", then :)

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This summer it looks like 3 will once again be the magic number. Deep in East London, amidst the current ‘grime wave’ taking the urban scene by storm, singer/songwriter Miz Tipzta, MC/songwriter Devine and vocalist/producer Marky P a.k.a. 3 Of A Kind have thrown something of a curveball at clubland in the shape of their feel-good debut single ‘Babycakes’.

Babycakes is a summer-soaked, sultry slice of up-tempo 2-step that will make you feel sunburnt just listening to it. At a time when it seemed vocals and good vibes were but a distant memory in the garage scene, the track has overcome all the odds. The winning formula of Marky and Tipzta’s killer harmonies on the chorus, spliced with Devine’s tight MCing all set to Marky P’s compulsive, catchy instrumental has taken over the pirates in London, the super-clubs in the Home Counties and put a smile back on people’s faces across the UK.

“We tried something and it’s worked” says Devine, “We thought it would be a struggle, but we’ve broken a lot of barriers. There are a lot of people out there that still have garage in their hearts.” “We grew up looking up to people like PSG and Sparks & Kie, so many people miss that style of garage” enthuses Miz Tipzta in agreement, “Now we’ve got everyone from Nans to two year olds singing it!”

When 20 year old Miz Tipzta penned the tune three years ago, she had no idea what she’d started. When she sung the chorus to 23 year old Devine, MC and co-presenter of her Sunday afternoon show on London pirate Supreme FM, he was hooked instantly. Devine then heard 18 year old producer Marky P’s instrumental at a friend’s house a while later, put two and two together and came up with three. “I’d heard Marky sing to old Boyz II Men tunes, but when he played me the track I just knew. I was like yeah! I got a chorus for that!!!”

The trio first met the day they recorded Babycakes, and it hadn’t even made it to white label back in March 2003 when Jiggy B from East London’s seminal station Rinse FM picked up on the tune and began to champion it. When he was getting over 100 missed calls from listeners demanding the reload on the show, and with other prolific pirates such as Shine FM and Passion caning both the original and the ‘Angel Farringdon’ remix, the trio knew they were onto something. “I knew it was going to be massive when I saw a whole club sing the chorus” Marky P reminisces, “when I could hear the intro coming in and see people literally running to the dancefloor, I knew it was gonna go.”

Taking in everything from disco to reggae to jungle via Salt N Pepa, Sunship and Artful Dodger, 3 Of A Kind have plenty more to come and are currently hard at work on their debut album, and looking forward to taking Babycakes worldwide as they hit the Mediterranean hotspots this summer with some fresh new mixes of the track to boot. From Ayia Napa to Acton to Aberdeen, it won’t be long before Babycakes is everywhere… and 3 Of A Kind are just getting started! Watch this space… You have been warned!!!


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It does nothing for me but how can you call the video shit?

Fit women spraying cream and jam all over each other for christs sake!

You big hommer.

If I wanted fit women I would go on the net and find images.

The unanimous vote says that song is a pile of cack. But, sadly it will reach No1

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It's awful. We were in the Demi playing pool earlier, and it was a triple whammy of shit - Avril's latest (She looks very nice, shame about the music), and some unidentifiable dance dirge. Now I know why I didn't get an MP3 player with an FM receiver - because the radio is fucking shit.

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