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Nice films

Monkichi 2.0

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Not sure if it's been mentioned, it's not a feel good movie throughout but Dark City leaves me feeling happier at the end

Dark City given daylight and the Shell Beach pier scene

could watch it over and over.

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Almost all the Paramount and MGM Marx brothers films cheer me up.

Capra movies like It Happened One Night or It's a Wonderful Life.

Loads more too, mostly older films as well like His Girl Friday, Bringing Up Baby or Harvery, most things with Jimmy Stewart actually, his face and way of talking cheers me up.

These are the kind of movies I watch every night to go to sleep. It sounds like a knock against them, but it's not, I love them all, but I know them so well, and they've such nice messages and gentle sounds that it's really relaxing to me to watch / listen to them.

If I'm worried about something in particular though, I'd probably watch something specific to whatever I was worried about to cheer me up. For instance, if I'm worried about money or relationship stuff, I like to watch something like One Wonderful Sunday. But as for general movies that relax me, it must be ones like those listed above because I've been listening to them almost every night for about 8 years.

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