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Pac-Man board game

cyd charisse

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Today I sweated as I tidied my loft when I came across a Pac-Man board game. My relationship with videogames has been an odd one over the years. I grew up with a Spectrum bet I never cared for videogames like you lot did until I fell in love with my SNES. But despite this, I still seem to have a number of videogame-related objects spread all over my loft, including a table-top OutRun game that I forgot even existed. I forgot the Pac-Man board game existed, too, until I dusted it off.

Curiously enough, I never played the arcade game until much later but Pac-Man was obviously a big enough craze for me to choose this game (I also have a Neighbours one).

It bought back happy memories, though, and the little plastic things look so much better now that I know what I didn't know then. So I've decorated the kitchen with the plastic figures.

I did a Google on it to find a picture and here they are:


Face it, there's at least one of you retro fiends reading this who doesn't have these, and that makes me better than you.

And here's the site they are taken from, which saves me having to go on about it: http://www.x-entertainment.com/articles/0770/

So, anal geeks ( I say it in the most respectful way possible), people are always posting their games collections, but I want to see the stuff like this.

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Indeed alcohol is the way with that one, but don`t try the MB Donkey Kong game when pissed.... thats a BAD idea

Does it induce nightmares of being horribly crushed by flaming barrels ?

Or drunken fan boy brawls ?

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bought a DK board game at a boot sale, flogged it on ebay though. Reading the instructions the game seemed a bit weird though.

The idea was not the first person to get to the top, but the person to get to the top with the highest score. Which means i pressume you had to try to get low dice rolls to stay away from the top.

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