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Spine card on Japanese DC games

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It can add up to 20% to the resale value, however keeping the shrink wrap on the game will increace it's value even more! It's important to keep your imported games in an off the shelf unplayed condition.

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Weird as it sounds I actually have a few DC games on the shelf like that. Because it's a lot easier to use selfbooting, 60 hz enabled, cdr-copies of my Japanese and American imports...(not as relevant if you own an NTSC DC ofcourse).

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i honestly don't understand the premise of buying games to leave them sitting on the shelves forever. i just play them, as i have no intention of ever wanting to sell them.

I agree - however if u can use an alternative cheap copy - as in dc games- well then it makes sense to keep an original minty and wrapped.


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I'm with rllmuk on this one, I've never understood why people buy copies of games to leave them sealed and unplayed so they can sell them in future - they won't go up that much in value, its not fine art you know.

Furthermore, if you are leaving Japanese games sealed you will often be missing out on the excellently illustrated manuals, and all the other gubins such as registration cards and product catalogues, which if you were collecting games to 'look at' rather than to play, would make it seem even more foolish.

People collecting games to 'look at' rather than play also seems missing the point of gaming some what, surely you people wouldn't buy an album and never listen to it would you?


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We're all different, we all have our own little ways, but I can't understand why anyone would voluntarily get rid of their obi strips. Not only do they often look great and add to the aesthetic appeal of the packaging (do they not?) but you can just store them around the booklet/manual. I went through a period of buying Japanese audio CDs by Western artists just because I liked the look of the obi strips.

In terms of Jet Set Radio, though, I'm not sure it will be a great loss in terms of value. To the best of my knowledge you wouldn't get much more than £5 with the obi strip anyway.

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