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just watched mindhunters, and have to say what a cool film! i knew nothing about it so had no idea what the film was about which added to my enjoyment. basically its about a group of fbi agents who go to a deserted island on training to solve a fake murder. however.... da da da.. a real murder takes place and they have to hunt a real killer! its directed by renny harlin, and stars ll cool j , val kilmer, christian slater and johnny lee miller(with great fake accent). overall a nice mix of action, suspense and some gruesome death scenes done in a way similar to final destination, as in "someones about to die, but how?"


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why did you think it was absolute shit? elaborate...

Okay, I have to admit, it ain't that bad, but there were some huge plot holes. Like, Godzilla-sized plot holes.








1) Okay, so how the hell did Bobby - aka The Killer - get all that damn equipment on the island? Supposedly, he wouldn't have known that far ahead of time that this was going to be one of the tests they'd have, so he wouldn't have had that much time to get all the stuff he'd need there.

2) Okay, you KNOW there's a killer on the loose. You also KNOW that the time when someone is going to be killed is around the same time you decide to abandon the rest of the survivors (this is akin to the dumb blonde checking out the basement herself with a year old flashlight). WHY THE HELL DO YOU SMOKE THE DAMN CIGARETTE??? I know addiction can be hard, but come on. Wait until you get off the island, then smoke a carton in the luxury of your own home. I had absolutely no sympathy for her dying as she did (and I liked how when the acid hit her hand, she put the wound to her mouth. That's right, you have acid on your hand, so the first thing you do is put it in your MOUTH).

3) This I can't understand at all. Gabe shoots Bobby towards the end of the movie, and acts all Dr. Evil towards Sara. In fact, his fight with her is only broken up by... Bobby himself! Now, it's one thing to throw in some red herrings to throw the audience off, but this doesn't make any sense. If they wanted to trap Bobby, why go through the whole charade they did? HE WAS THE ONLY ONE LEFT BESIDES THEM. And then at the end of the movie, not only does Gabe help kill Bobby, but he and Sara are together waiting for the copter as if nothing happened.


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