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That Guilty Spark thing


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Quiet you.

If you want to play any game as it was intended then put it on 'normal'. If you criticise this setting then you criticize the game itself.

You are a very strange puppy, atmos is all?

you really didnt get that game did you?

Legendary is the pinnacle of halo, the Elites are a real challenge, a perfect nemesis to your MC. The grunts are a force to be reckoned with against whom tactics must be used to suceed. The Jackels become a terrifying force and hunters, well lets just say a pair of Hunters in an area really have you dancing.

At this level of play, the flood stick out against the previously cerebral challenge represented by the Covenant, moving from a hair trigger battle of wills to a doom-like frenzy of run/reload/shoot

Halo seems, contrary to your statement, not to have been "designed" to play on normal. Quite the opposite, it is designed as a free environment within which alterations of the rules provide very different games. It would appear that Halo is closer to the "sandbox" concept then a certain Molyneux has ever acheived, as multiplayer stands in testament to.

In conclusion I would advise less of the "quiet you" and some reassessment of your intriguing opinion

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There are two ways of doing the warthog race in the PAL version of the game, one a little more forgiving then the other

heres a hint:

50hz / 60hz

Which one's the most forgiving? Can't remember for the life of me which I do.

If you make the halfway point quickly enough it stores a checkpoint: my tactic was to do that bit superfast, because the final jump is so hard you tend to die 90% of the time, it's quicker to replay the first section 3/4 times to get that checkpoint than it is to continue to the end and just die.

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