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Imagine if Halo 2 was the biggest let down ever

DJ Sack

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If Halo 2 doesn't even stand a chance of getting a 10, and Edge can't review games' multi-player features, it's hard to see anything getting a 10 ever again, IMO.

There was some debate over whether Halo itself was truly revolutionary or not, and if Bungie manage to deliver the best game the genre has seen, with all this new stuff, it could easily warrant a 10 in my book.

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Firstly, they do have an enforced deadline - mid October I guess, in time for Nov 9th & 11th. It can't slip now, since MS have really started the marketing ball rolling and told everyone & their mum via a tattoo onto Peter Moore's fucking arm - THIS IS THE DATE.

Secondly, judging from the recent weekly updates, it's not going to be finished until the 11th hour. They sound as if there's still a fair amount of work to do and they'll be tweaking it right up until the last second.

Thirdly, I don't have a third point.

Balls to all that.

Yes, the Nov 9th date is fixed now - but only because the game is pretty much done.

No, it won't slip.

But Nov 9th was a date Bungie gave MS, certainly not the other way around.

If it was up to MS, it would have been out last Xmas, quite honestly.

As for the recent weekly updates:

C'mon...they're a load of crap for a start. If these were people pishing themselves over the deadlines, I doubt they'd be spending the time writing such useless pieces of pap.

I agree though...tweaking is what they're doing.

And it'll be lovely.

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If it was up to MS, it would have been out last Xmas, quite honestly.

Do you know what you're talking about?

MS were the ones that MADE Halo come out for the launch day. They also told Bungie they had as much time as they needed to get it done, hence why it's taken so long (read: 2 years).

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Halo 2 could be ten times the game that the original is and score a lower mark.

Has a better (stated by Edge) sequel ever scored below its poorer original because it wasnt ´revolutionary´?


Whilst I've never really gone for the games, Gran Turismo 2 was thought of as a better game by Edge, but given the 9 because of it not really doing much more than being better.

I dunno.

As much as I love Edge (and I do. I really do, you know), I think it's marking structure can almost restrict things.

Everyone knows a 10 isn't perfect.

We also know that Edge won't give out a 10 willy-nilly (unlike certain other shit-fests with 'official' in the title somewhere...).

But, if a game comes out and improves on something that got given a 10 in the first place, I'd probably still give it a 10.

Who knows?

Maybe the multi-player will swing it.

Maybe the single player will.

Either way, I'm looking forward to Nov 9th like nothing else.

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