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The 16/07/2004 list: Tenuous C

Fire Emblem (GBA)

Not the emblem, but the signifier of fire is smoke.

Goblin Commander (Xb/PS2/GC)

Smoked rabbit was eaten by a Goblin in Hans Thomas Anderson’s The Hungry Goblin.

Hamtaro Ham Olympics (GBA)

The symbol of the Olympics is an everlasting flame. What Hamtaro has to do with the greatest sporting event, I don’t know. I mean, he wasn't even eaten by the goblin!

Rainbow Six 3 Gold - (PC)

The verb ‘to fire’ was coined in the 12th century by a witty forefather of Gsadmin.

Samurai Jack - The Shadow Of Aku (PS2/GC)

Fire is used as the backdrops in which Samurai Jack has some of his longest battles. The cartoon series is ace.


Magic the Gathering Battlegrounds - Best of Atari (PC)

Midtown Madness 2 - Xplosiv (PC)

Starsky And Hutch - PS2

The Lord Of The Rings The Return Of The King - Players Choice (GC)

TOCA Race Driver - Best Sellers (Codemaster) PC

Tony Hawks Underground (PS2/Xb)

True Crime Streets of LA – (PS2/Xb)


School of Rock

Widely hailed as a thoroughly entertaining flick for all the family. It’s a PG, so Hanley can enjoy it, and watch all the Hawkwind/ Sabbath/ Maiden references fly over his head.

The website of the week is: www.pitmanworld.com

MC Pitman’s home page.

Release dates are for UK only and are subject to change by fly-by-nights that exist beyond the powers of Gamestyle. The opinions expressed do not necessarily concur with those of Gamestyle. Although every effort is made to get the precise dates and facts, sometimes we’re too busy laughing at Monty’s jokes.

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