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OMG, I just found.....


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can you chip it Yod@?


Does refurbishing it count? Some of the wiring was a bit dodgy so I replaced it all, and I had to strip the solar panel part and clean the contacts. :D

A neighbour of mine had Frankenstein as I was growing up. IIRC, it was multiscreened and multilayered. Fantastically complex for the technology.

That's right, it has two separate LCD screens, one above the other.

Does anybody know if these are very rare in the UK? I've never seen one here, but then again I haven't been looking. I got mine when I was living in the Middle East - at the time (and perhaps still now) there were very strong trade links with Japan, which made it very easy to obtain all the modern Japanese electronic items. I lived in a fairly obscure place, and even there all the small electronic shops sold countless Famicom clones etc.

its gotta be worth millions !!!!111!!1

Oops, sorry - I meant to post this in the Retro folder rather than the "Folder reserved for valuable items only". :)

Anyway, I gather that an unboxed one is worth about £50 - mine is worth even less since the case is marked all over (although the game works perfectly).

I just wondered how common they were, that's all - I mean, it's easy to find plenty of Game&Watches on eBay, but there don't seem to be any of these.

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