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Btyahoo 1meg Broadband


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just checked my emails to find bt yahoo have cut the costs of their broadband to 26.99 for 500k or 29.99 for 1meg!

1meg here i come!

hmm, but it also says from next year there will be a 30gig download limit, still shouldnt affect me as most movies are only about 700megs to download.

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Hmmm.I tried to upgrade to the 1meg version but the only option i can choose from is btbroadband basic.Does this mean it's not available in my area?I thought if i could get BB then i could get the 1meg version as well.


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Yes, but I don't know by how much.

Not by a lot fortunately, you'd have to play 24hrs a day to be worried about reaching a 30gb bandwidth limit.

But 30gb isn't enough if combine all the activities I do online. For a 1mb line the limit (which shouldnt' exist) needs to be about 50gb to entice me over. I'm happy with my unlimited 512/256 until then...

For people who are with ISP's who have bandwidth limits is there anyway to see how much you used during a month?

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They've imposed a limit of 15GB a month (starting 'early 2005') on the 512k bb too, which for BitTorrent really works out at 250MB (allowing for uploads) a day maximum.. :/

You are joking? 15gb a month?


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