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Does anyone fancy trying to get a kinda regular weekly game of this on the go?

Anyone interested stick your name in this thread, Im thinking Lazy Sunday afternoons.

Maybe even we could get a tournament of sorts on the go?

Anyway, just want to see what kinda response there is for this, my copy has been vastly underused online thus far.

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I've never played it online either. Wont be able to make Sundays becuase I work but a tournament sounds good

No worries, the tournament can be arranged between competing players.

First we need to get online and playing.

Im gonna put out a tentative 3pm start for the first game this Sunday. Those interested let it be known. Should mean we can get a 18 hole game done before any footy people might want to see Sunday.

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Ok, good response guys.

This Sunday 3pm game seems to be:



Virtua Pimp


Anyone else and we can get another game up and running maybe.

Those stating interest in regular games and possible tournament are:

1) Me

2) Kimpossible

3) Virtua Pimp

4) Stroker Ace

5) Footle

6) 1812

7) Jonny5


9) Billy Brown

Anyone else.....?

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Did anyone get on and play on Sunday then?

I cant make this Sunday either, Im back home in Scotland, but feel free to use this thread to get one going, would be good if we kept this thread running.

Thinking about starting the tourney the following the Sunday (4th July).

Any suggestions for a format are welcome...

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