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Who are they kidding


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Ebay can be great for buying stuff, but then it is also full of idiots.

Super Mario 3 - NES ****RARE****


Flashback - SNES - Mint (minus the scuffs around the box, the creases on the manual, the dirt on the cart etc).

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L@@k at the prices and the descriptions.  I doubt they'll get a single bid on anything!!!

£29.99 for a NegCon????

£29.99 for a NES Zapper and Duck Hunt???????

£59.99 for a Namco arcade stick???

Sorry,  had to share!

Yeah I agree, they will be lucky to shift anything at those prices.

Where do these yokels get the start prices from anyway, they seem to make them up as they go along.

With the free listing day coming up soon, your going to see some right old shit being listed.

Also, what is the point of all those £9.99 start prices when the BIN is £9.99 those descriptions and titles are not helping either - FIFA 2000 £9.99 yeah right.


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