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Tacky programmes that you like nontheless?


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For me it's Worlds Scariest Police Chases.

When I read the topic heading I just knew this was gonna come up. Same here, kind of a morbid fascination. Bunnell is one scary bastard, strutting around with his shotgun. There was a great insert about wo weeks back when some SWAT blokes unleashed about a hundred rounds on a drug dealer in a truck, all seemingly in a residential area...

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Grounded For Life. A sitcom that used to be on ITV late.

I know it was terrible, but it had it's moments.


A stupid James Nesbitt commercial for yellow pages stole one of the best jokes from this show, that and I discovered a mate also used to stay up till 2 on thursday nights just to watch it. Plus it had great racks.

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Cash in the attic

Why? I have no idea, maybe it is the upbeat music when things are going well, the sombre music when things go unsold. I can't help but watch it.

And nieghbours...

... and switzerland Vs Croatia.

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