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did anyone get that Another World update thing?

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OT: Another World/Out Of This World fans might want to have a look at the MegaCD version of Another World, which also has Heart of the Alien on the same disc - IIRC it's a follow-up to Another World which was never released on any other platforms.

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One of my favourite games ever. I loved it. What an atmosphere. Mmmm...

Too right. Superb game. I remember watching a guy playing the ST version in my local computer shop.

I was...


Currently playing the mega drive version under emulation. It's as good as I remember it, despite the passage of time. A truly stylish and innovative title.

So, how good is Heart of the Alien then? Same sort of gameplay?

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So, how good is Heart of the Alien then? Same sort of gameplay?

From what I've played of it - yes, it's a true follow-on from Another World.


I think this time you're playing as the alien who befriended you in Another World - you also have the same weapon as before, the laser/shield thing.

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it should be smoother and faster, and the window that RAW pops up is loads bigger than the underdogs' version.

it exits whenever I start to play a game, though. Bah.

ah, ok, I had no idea what you guys were on about, did a google search for 'another world underdogs' and it now makes a bit more sense.

However, I downloaded RAW from the link above but that doesn't come with the game, I've downloaded Another World from underdogs but the window it runs in is tiny and crashes when I try to maximise the window.

How do I get this RAW version working?

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