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Best film ever?


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It does look nice though and has a fantastic title.

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you:

Rex Steele: Nazi Smasher

It's an animated flick in the style of the Iron Giant. Story:

"It is 1941, and the United States is at war with Nazi Germany. The U.S. Government has just been informed that Eval Schnitzler, a high-ranking Nazi general, has occupied a legendary volcano on the coast of South America.

Convinced that his motives are more than leisurely, the United States sends Rex Steele, Nazi smasher extraordinaire, to uncover and foil the Nazi's evil plans.

Rex flies into the Amazon with his sidekick, Penny Thimble, and the two embark on a journey full of action, adventure, thrills, chills - and of course, Nazi smashing galore!"



Could all be crap of course. Though it's not that likely as the students got a great reception when they showed this at Pixar and received the following awards:


Winner - Best Animation, 2004 Forest Film Fest

Winner - Animation Category, 2004 Student Academy Awards

Winner - 1st Place Animated Short, 2004 First Look Student Film Festival

Winner - Best Student Film. 2004 Westchester Film Festival

Winner - Best Student Animation, 2004 Zoie Film Festival

Winner - Platinum Award for Best College Production, 2004 Worldfest Houston

Winner - Craft Award for Original Score, 2004 NYU's First Run Film Festival

Winner - Best Student Animation Classic, 2004 Internaional Family Film Festival

1st Honorable Mention - Student Films Category. 35th Annual ASIFA EAST Awards

Nominee - Best Student Director, 2004 Director's Guild Awards

Finalist - 34th Annual USA Film Festival

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Animation films are generally childish and shit. It could be another spirited away though.

Hang on - isnt that Buffy in your Avatar? :P

Childish and shit - that just about sums up your attitude and knowledge of animated films then m8 :lol:

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No it isn't you fucking retard! Too far? ^^

B) oh no - it must be internet play time at school atm

I know its monday m8, but easy now!


but how do you know its not Buffy when you dont know who it is yourself?

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That's has to be one of the daftest things ever posted.

Most commercial animation is aimed at a young audience but that doesn't make it childish. As for being 'shit' well movie animation seems to have a very high hit to miss ration so I suspect few agree there.

He's already posted that it was a hilarious joke. :rolleyes:

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you ARE all idiots, it's true.

Did I miss somthing? Oh I see - xiphoid is actually the head of Studio Ghibli and comes to rllmuck to play jokes on people! man - those super Japanese animators have such a gsoh!

"chavs should'nt go near computers....or fast cars"

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