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Edge 138

Mr Do 71

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Here we go....

Full Spectrum Warrior - 8

Thief:DS - 7

Pikmin 2 - 8

Onimusha 3:DS - 7

Samurai Warriors - 5

Way of the Samurai 2 - 6

La Pucelle Tactics - 7

Syphon Filter:TOS - 3

Custom Robo Battle Revolution - 5

Van Helsing - 5

Smash Court Tennis Pro Tournament 2 - 6

Mario Golf:Advance Tour - 6


The Making of.....is Cannon Fodder

E3 2004 in detail

PSP on cover & interview with Phil Harrison

Creative Lovers (Clover)

Through the Looking Glass

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I'm happy to see Pikmin 2 has something more to offer over Pikmin. I was afraid it would just be more of the same. Obviously I won't know this until I play it myself, but I guess it's something that Edge would criticise heavily if it was just Pikmin++.

Also a nice high score for Full Spectrum Warrior. I thought this would turn out to be just another squad shooter, but it looks like they've added some magic faerie dust. Be interesting to see.

La Pucelle Tactics? Jesus, I've only just started Disgaea.

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I haven't read the reviews yet but I am currently playing Thief DS (PC version). I don't know what version Edge have tested, but as far as I have played the game I really feel its a strong 8/10 candidate. I might have another picture of the game when I'm done with it.

Nice to see Pikmin 2 getting a good score.

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It appears it'll be next month. Well the next month page suggests it might be...

It should be - surely I'm not the only one that remembers the recent article saying it would be made by the same folk as last years.

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Well, Syphon Filter was to be the game to persuade me to take my PS2 online. I'll be interested to see why they thought it was such a poor effort. I adored the first two games, so I'll probably pick it up regardless just out of morbid curiosity.

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So disappointed with that Syphon Filter score. Might give it a rental - to be honest if it plays like the PSone games in every way (including AI) I'll still enjoy it. Who knows.

Every video i've seen of this game makes it look completely rubbish.I loved the PSone games as well, So i'm pretty disappointed.

A saw a video and article on IGN a while back which said that they where focusing more on the online side.And to be honest that's what it looked like.The levels looked pretty barren and apart from a bit of running and shooting there didn't look like there was much to do, It just looked crap.

I hope the new headhunter is decent, I can't bare another disappointment.

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