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Simultaneous 2-player cocktail games


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Bizarre request, I know.

I've recently been playing Space Invaders II on my cocktail cabinet - it's a version of SI which allows both players to play at once:


I'm a big SI fan, so this particular version really appeals to me - not only do both players try to clear the screen of baddies, but you can also try to kill the other player to steal his life! ;)

I just wondered if anyone had come across any other cocktail games which have a simultaneous 2-player option?

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Thanks, I'll check that out. I think I might have that game for my Vectrex as well.

Incidentally, my cocktail cab has a vertically-aligned monitor, so horizontal games aren't so practical. :lol:

But if I find enough decent horizontal games, I may rectify that. ;)

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