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Jumble Jumble

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Remember guys, WHITE BUTTON TO TALK!

OK here we go. It's on for tonight.

Seeing as horribleman now has Live working, (and without even needing to get his video camera involved), I suggest we all indulge in some co-op GRIT tonight.

I guess somewhere between 8 and 9 is a good time to start.

Nothing too taxing, just good, old fashioned, relaxing, running around and shooting everyone. Defending a voting centre, clearing a beach, that sort of thing.

I want to see kryptonian, pow, j0nny5, soong, thebigboss (DrJon), virtua-pimp, kapowza, horribleman, fondue, 442. Well that's too many, but you know what I mean.


EDIT: Just wanted to clarify that doesn't mean no-one else is invited! Just means those are the people I've played with before. Any new team members are VERY WELCOME. :D

Currently in:

Jumble Jumble

DJ Sack (Sack Man 64)

442 (SaintPaul)

Ryan (Fnor)



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