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To the rainbow six clan


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The Rainbow six Clan.

Although we don't like to admit it we constantly play together, meaning that we are some sort of 'clan'. This meaning that we should organise a clan match, i suggest we have a go at those NTSC peuple, what do you think?

I'm thinking two teams of Four, you guys have to come up with them... elect people for the teams. Think who'll be able to work with who, dont put all the best into one team. blah blah blah, any other ideas?

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Can I be in your team? :lol:

I don't really mind who I get teamed up with, but yes, the teams should be balanced.

So that means DavidB plays alone and the rest of us join together.

We're going to do that anyway... not because he's but.... but because he's a cock

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OK, here are my nominations for the rllmuk team:

Manager/Head Coach - sladie (grenade throwing lessons for all!)

Uxorious - for his use of 'tactical positioning'

Yawdib - same reason as Uxorious, really

DavidB (captain) - for his inspirational leadership

MeCCa - the flair player of my selection


madkiwi - for exceptional camping abilities

elmo - a solid performer

That is all.

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Well give me a definate number, and i'll get a team together. ;)

6 on 6 then?

In my experience more than 4 on 4 totally ruins the game. But then again I have'nt played that many matches with more than 4 a side.

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vegetable. :rolleyes:

That was funy as fook. Poor elmo.

Soi, you've posted on our forum before, so technically, you can be on our team. ;)

I'll be on any team that will have me. Just what I need to bring back some RS3 into my living room.

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