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What is on your pre-order list at the moment ?

Salsa Party Animal

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I prefer to know if games are good before I preorder them but if AAA games for the PSP were announced I'd preorder one from somewhere I know would be cheap. Oh and of course Paper Mario 2 when it's available for preorder.

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When is FSW out?

UK - July 2nd

US - June 6th (?)

I've got on the pre-order...

Full Spectrum Warrior, The Chronicles of Riddick:EfBB, Thief:DS, Zelda:FS+, Doom 3, Halo 2 for now.

But there are of course all those lovely games from E3, to think about ;) I predict an expensive run up to Xmas :o

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Half-Life 2, World of WarCraft and Doom3 are on my "will wake up at 9am and go to town on release date" list.

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