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PGR2 Paris meetup thread


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It's not a precursor, but it is related.  The F40 is built on a GTO chassis.

It came before the F40, and the F40 is a development of that car, yes?

pre·cur·sor ( P ) Pronunciation Key (pr-kûrsr, prkûrsr)


  • One that precedes and indicates, suggests, or announces someone or something to come: Colonial opposition to unfair taxation by the British was a precursor of the Revolution.
  • One that precedes another; a forerunner or predecessor: The new principal's precursor was an eminent educator.

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Just downloaded the Paris content...

There are some NASTY roundabouts and corners in here...sheesh! 1st lap on Le Deus Pont and I smashed my shiny new TVR Cerbera to pieces..

Anyone on now?? Shall go and look, haven't been on LIVE for a while so my friends list is probably way out of date.

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Is anyone else consistently getting the message 'session no longer available' when they try to join friends' games? I tried about five of you lot tonight (presumably all in the same room) and couldn't get in. I've also tried joining numerous other games, both friends and using Optimatch, but with not much luck. It's well fucking annoying.

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something weird just happened. we were racing and everyone else dropped out only for me to be racing on my own - i finished and got all the kudos. yet the race also finished for everyone else with me dropping out,

very weird. anyway - must sleep - got work in the morning :)

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Yeah then you disappeared from the lobby.

Something weird also happened to me.

My game just suddenly froze, making a buzzing noise while the controller rumbled away. Ooops. Maybe it was trying to tell me I was too shit and shouldn't bother :)

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