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PGR2 Paris meetup thread


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right so what's the time. on the forum all those posts say 12:26 but i swear they were just posted.

also it is worth the download. the tracks are ace and even the bastard round-a-bout ones are good because they require a subtle shift to the left/right but not too much. all are good except for the u-turn that you actually have to stop for and causes mucho smashing.

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Aye, its playing up

Rllmuk, I tried to join your game loads of times, including invites, but it said the game wasnt available!"

Anyone else having the same probs?

Yes, that's exactly what's happening to me too. I've noticed the same problem on Splinter Cell. Wonder if it's a new, premium content bug ?

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I'm using ICS though. I've only actually managed to join one game today - all the others are the giving me the 'session no longer available message'. This didn't used to happen.

Unlighty - did you try to join my games when I sent you invites? I couldn't join yours.

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