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RTCW - Rllmukers unite!


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This game is my fave FPS game on the PC, and I'm not really mad about FPS games, but this is the one I play alot. Take that for what it's worth.

You can download the multiplayer expansion (doesn't require the original game) at www.rtcwfiles.com

I've been playing Enemy Territory hardcore lately :(

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I'll let you host. This game and GRIT with 8 players on some evenings crash my modem. (Unlike the super duper wonderful amazing fun bestest Unreal Championship.)


Beertiger, do I have you on my friends list?

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Ok, you're all gonna hate me. I can't make it tonight. Sorry, but gotta go to someone's birthday do. I may be on later but as I don't know what time I'll be back, I can't guarantee it. Sorry guys. Looks like you'll have to host Ux. :lol:

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