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Disgaea Hour of Darkness


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Errrr, liberties! ;) I've put it up here http://www.mitsurugi.btinternet.co.uk/DisgaeaSG.rar

You can buy the book for $20 here:


although i'm hanging on to the chance that Piggyback will do a guide or there'll be a UK version of this book

Chances of a Piggyback guide, I'd say 1/10000000

Chances of this guide...1/10000 :D

Thanks for the PDF though.

I'll have to give this the GAME treatment. Might love it...might hate it.

Edit: ACK! The rar seems to be foorbared for me.

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And so it's finally out in PAL format. First thoughts are, in order: graphics not quite as flash as I'd expected (static backgrounds and Unlimited SaGa style characters-zooming-in-from-left-and-right to say something seem to be the order of the day as far as inbetween-battles bits go); music varying between "Crikey, that's a bit annoying" and "Crikey, that's a bit excellent"; voiceovers in "good" shocker; the geo crystals and bits of the battle map they affect makes it all the more excitingly puzzle-y, which is A Good Thing; surrounding an enemy with loads of your characters and battering the hell out of them simultaneously reaps visually-impressive and shouty combos which more than make up for the static backgrounds bit from earlier; those penguin things that shout "Dude!" while attacking are hella cute; it's a real nice day and I'm inside with the curtains drawn playing a videogame; eek.

I'm impressed.

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