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Disgaea Hour of Darkness


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I'm sure this is all in previous pages, but there's an early map with a nice geopanel combo that's sweet for early levelling, but really it's all about levelling Laharl, getting him to create some sword-based fighters then levelling them and transmigrating to open the character classes. Basically, if you can level a sword carrier until they get winged slayer, you're sorted for easy XP raping on the later story levels (like the first stage of Stellar Graveyard) and, provided you always transmigrate at Genius level, any character class is piss-easy to level. That's how I got Omega Heal in about 20 mins starting from a basic Cleric.

The other amazing 'exploit' comes from Foresights, one of the eyeglass items. If you can push through as many 'more expensive item' bills with the assembly as you can, Foresights with stupidly high-level residents already subdued, so you can transfer them into your party's stuff right away. It think it's shop rank 9 or something when they start turning up. With these, you can easily boost XP, Mana and weapon skill gains by hundreds of percent.

Ploughing through the story is important, at least until you unlock the blatant levelling maps. They're quite easy to spot. If you need more power, level items, although it's worth bearing in mind that the item level is sort of comparable to the character levels you'll need to win, so to get to level 10 on a starter sword, you'll need level 10 dudes.

So yes, to start:

Level Laharl

Create sword fighters, level them until they get Winged Slayer

Unlock Stellar Graveyard

Transmigrate like fuck

Upgrade shop like a motherfucker

Get Foresights, move residents to make ultra-weapons


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Yah but you need seriously high attack stats to make a dent on them, so it's for chars at level 150+ with really sweet weapons and spells. Stellar Graveyard stage 1 does you from 0-150 once you get some decent swords. (35 levels in a single move and all that hilarity, though I hear you can go up thousands with a single move when you've properly fucked the system).

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Aye, Statisticians and Marksmen for me too. You can 'exploit' the game again if you use thieves to steal stats (or even just experience) off other characters (including your own ;) ) and transmigrate them further.

"Do you want me to give the kids of Earth an addictive video game so they cannot sleep?"


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Bump me do. Just sharing my love for Disgaea on the PSP and I've not even opened Etna mode yet (no cheating for hardcore bad guys!) ;) I'm playing through some mid-level items now, bad guys as hard as they can be. Can't help but feel immensely satisfied at ploughing through a level and being rewarded in typical Disgaea fashion :P

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