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Disgaea Hour of Darkness


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After hearing people like Guru going on about their import copies, I'm happy to see that Disgaea Hour of Darkness is scheduled for release in the UK on 28th May.

The cheapest I've seen it for pre-order is Amazon or Play at £29.99.

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I think that 'GameNow' don't have eyes :rolleyes::wub:

and the mysterious deeko has quite the turn of phrase...

"While I found the in-battle graphics to be a bit bland and the musical score a tad bit dull, the gameplay is solid".

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Guest nomenclature

There's lots to learn about. Some of it is explained reasonably well in game, some of it isn't. Some things are kind of hard to get to grips with (the Dark Assembly, Geopanels, what specialists actually do, etc.) but it's by no means a vertical learning curve.

On the other hand, you don't really need to know about most of this stuff to get through the basic storyline, so it's all good. Disgaea could quite easily suck away all your time if you let it.

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Downloaded a video for this a while back and I was totally blown away. Every attack made me go phwoar as much as seeing a new aeon routine for the first time in FF games.

I shall be saving my pennies for this one.

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