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I'd be worried about posting up my work without copyright sorted out on each track. Someone could yoink your music right now.

I'm not particularly fussed, because all my stuff is chock full of naughty uncleared samples anyway :ph34r:

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wahwah*'s stuff rocks.


I was listening to your CD again at the weekend actually Rich. It's about time you did that gig!

I'm not set up for home recording yet, but we've still got the same three tracks available to download (see sig). We've just got the mastered version of our 12 track "album" back, so there should be some more soon.

I can't download music at work - if any of you have CD's available, I'll gladly buy a copy.

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Felt a little like the drum part wasn't grooving as much as it could have? But other than that, I thought it was pretty cool, develop it!

The original breakbeat is a bit mangled, I had to play with it a bit, to get it to loop. I may well tinker with it some more to get it to really go, it stutters a little bit, if you see what I mean.

It's just a case of lining the hits up a bit better, in fact I'm going to have a go now, despite the fact I should go to bed :(

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I wonder if it's okay to have them up here... what do I have to do to make them 'safe' from being ripped off? The original is in cd format, i've cut each song down from about 5 mins to 1.30 and downsampled to 128khz

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